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4: The Ultimate Job-Cost Resource
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fade-leftfade-rightA Note For You From Diane...

Here's where to learn more about the Construction Accounting & Management Program (CAMP) online Job-Cost Training Program. CAMP will be available during our next 'public subscription cycle.' CLICK HERE to be notified when CAMP is opened again.

I’m so pleased that you were able to access and watch this limited-availability video! And, if you have the time, I’d like to know a little more about you:

What does being able to achieve greater control and profitability in your business mean to YOU?

Please share your thoughts and let me know what you think at jobcost@infoplusacct.com.

fade-leftfade-rightQuestions & Answers About CAMP...

Q. "Is there a quick way to locate the details about each CAMP option in the video above?"

A. Yes. Please hover over the little dots ('chapters') in the play bar. You'll be able to see the description so that you can go directly to that portion of the video.

Q. "I was wondering about getting started... Can I sign up for the basic one (Essentials) and then upgrade to the middle one (Comprehensive) or VIP later?"

A. Yes, you can certainly start with the Essentials subscription and then move into the Comprehensive or VIP when you are ready.
Just get in touch with us, and we will help you make the change.

As a “heads up,” for the future; CAMP-Essentials and CAMP-Comprehensive are different products. (i.e., they are housed in separate portals). When you upgrade, you will not carry the HISTORY of which classes you’ve completed in the Essentials version into Comprehensive. (No worries though, because the Essentials classes and content are also included within the Comprehensive version.)

Q. "Why is there a deadline?"
And another related comment/question: "I’m excited about the program, but I’m pretty busy right now. If you’re closing access to your program on the date shown above, when will you be offering it again?”

A. The CAMP program has been closed to the public for the last nine months. We only open the program for a short period once or twice a year (a common business model for online training programs). This time, it’s been available to new subscribers for two weeks.
The exact timing depends on a variety of factors. 
We also include the re-organized Program which now includes three options (Essentials, Comprehensive, and VIP) as well as providing annual savings of two free months for each option. While we are committed to providing those choices, we also need to limit the number of VIP subscribers in order to ensure enough time for the Live Support aspect of the program. (I.e., The VIP Program includes 30 minutes per month of one-to-one consulting and support as well as live, monthly Q&A webinars.)

Q. “I like to look before I buy: What does the Construction Accounting & Management Program REALLY look like ‘behind the curtain?’ or ‘under the covers?’”

A. Rather than trying to describe the CAMP 'platform' and user-experience in words, I thought it might be more fun to invite you to CLICK HERE to see a behind-the-scenes walkthrough. (Note: Click the "X" in the lower right-hand corner to see it in full-screen mode.)

Q. “How many people in my company can access and use the CAMP training?’”

A. WITHIN your company – as many as you’d like.
Usually, company owners start CAMP with the intent of using it themselves – or to hand it off to their bookkeeper.
However, they often find that other team members can also apply various classes to their job functions. For example, Estimators, Production or Operations Managers, and Purchasing Agents will each find valuable modules related to their areas of expertise.
You’ll find videos and tools that are a great resource to anyone in your company who’s interested in making your company more profitable.

Q. “Can I, or my employees, access this training from home?”

A. That’s the best thing about the program. We built it so that you can view it on any device, and learn anywhere, any time – 24/7/365. You just need an Internet connection and login information. No need to:

    • Leave home, travel, eat out or pay for a hotel room. (Who’s doing any of those activities these days, anyway?)
    • Sit in an uncomfortable classroom with a poor view of the content. (Local classrooms may not be available for quite some time; and our materials are as close, and as large, as your computer screen!)
    • Try to hear, understand, and scribble notes during a live presentation. (Simply download the pdf handouts and add supplementary notes if you wish. Too fast? Just back up the recording and re-play. Too slow? Accelerate the playback speed.)
    • Adhere to an instructor’s – or anyone else’s – schedule. (Everything is recorded, so attend on your own schedule, at your own pace.)

Q. “I see that you have monthly CAMP training, so does this mean that if it takes me one or two months to learn what I need to learn that I can discontinue CAMP at that time and only pay for CAMP for those months or do I have to pay for the whole year in monthly installments?”

A. If you go with our month-to-month option, you can stop at any time. No long-term commitment required.
OR If you go with the annual option, it’s a one-time payment, and you’ll get two months free.


For more Answers about CAMP visit our FAQ's page at: https://buildyournumbers.com/faqs-construction-accounting-training/