The Ultimate System for Running
a More Profitable Construction Company

“It’s not how much you MAKE – it’s how much you KEEP!”


Construction Accounting
& Management Program (CAMP)

Eliminate those time-wasting, money-sucking, profit-killing projects that are destroying your life!

CAMP: The ultimate self-paced video training system designed specifically for company owners and bookkeepers.

(Discover the insider profit-building secrets even your CPA doesn’t know…)

"The closest thing you'll find to a crystal ball to maximize your profits!"

"Management accounting is an essential tool that can help most companies dramatically increase their profitability."

Are you…

  • A Company Owner or Financial Manager?
    • Do you need to find the HIDDEN PROFIT CENTERS in your company?
    • Do you need better, more accurate financial information so you can maximize your business results – and create the company you've always dreamed of?
  • A Bookkeeper (or Bookkeeper ‘Draftee’)?
    • Do you want to contribute to the success of your company by learning more about essential accounting, job cost tracking, and management reporting?
    • Are you looking to become a trusted and valuable member of the business management team?
  • An Accounting Supervisor? Professional Consultant? Accountant?
    • Want to add advanced job cost accounting & QuickBooks® problem-solving techniques to your solutions kit?

The Construction Accounting and Management Program (CAMP) offers management accounting and job cost training for people who use QuickBooks® & Enterprise PC desktop software. This comprehensive series of management accounting training classes was designed specifically for you by Diane Gilson.

Meet Your Instructor...

In addition to being an award winning Accountant and QuickBooks® Certified ProAdvisor, Diane Gilson has taught, coached, and advised thousands of QuickBooks® users in the construction industry.

In this program, Diane combines her 30+ years of accounting experience (including 15 years as a CPA) with her passion for job costing. Helping construction company owners, accountants and bookkeepers drive more profits through better financial management has been the heart and soul of her business for more than 20 years.

Click here to see Diane's QuickBooks® ProAdvisor Client Reviews.

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The video above shows a behind-the-scenes preview of a CAMP subscriber's experience.
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"...the things that I have learned in CAMP will be the turning point in my business and future."

If you are ready to commit to fully utilizing QB to manage your accounting and analyze your numbers, then you have found the best program out there. I really liked the see/hear/read aspect of this learning experience. It is a great way to learn.

I appreciate your program and feel that the implementation of the things that I have learned in CAMP will be the turning point in my business and future.

Orion Womack, Orion Construction

CAMP Subscription Overview and Options


  • Focuses on job cost training and management-oriented accounting for basic, mid-level, and advanced QuickBooks® & Enterprise (PC desktop) users.
  • Is offered via a month-to-month or annual subscription.
  • As a subscriber, regardless of your background, you’ll receive...
    • Instant access to the recorded workshops.
    • Extensive handouts to accompany the classes.
    • “Done-for-you” forms, samples, templates, and checklists.
      (Tools derived from many years of hands-on, “in-the-trenches” work with clients.)
    • A one-to-one orientation call with your Info Plus 'CAMP Counselor'.
    • Discounts on useful accounting software and support products.


  • More than 36 monthly Q&A and Group Coaching webinars (recorded live.)
  • Access to searchable Q&A and coaching recordings.
  • Our Article Resource Center (useful, searchable, business, financial and accounting info...)
  • Our exclusive Roadmap Job Cost Planning Product. 
  • Sixty (60) Minutes per month of (one-to-one) Certified ProAdvisor assistance.


Examples – You Will Learn ...


Job Cost Reporting

See income, costs, & gross profit
(dollars & percentages) for each job

02-Estimated vs. Actual $

Estimated Income,
Costs & Variances

Details that help you stay profitable

Cost Controls

Clarify materials & contracted costs

Track & Assign Time,
Payroll & Burden Costs

Establish profitable billing rates

Assign Equipment
Costs to Jobs

Include equipment in job costs

Track Inventory &
Fulfill Sales Orders

Include equipment in job costs

Company Reporting
(Design & Structure)

Logical, useful information

Company Reporting

Accurate, reliable information

Month-End Closing

Procedures & controls to check & “proof” your numbers

Profitability &
Timing of Income

Avoid "roller-coster" results

Jobs & Customers

Monitor, summarize & analyze profitability

Planning for
Company Profits

'Set the stage’ for success

Easier, Faster, Better

“Back Office” Tips & Tricks

Optimize Your Cash Flow

Improve & Enhance Your Cash Position

Invest In the Right
Tools & Training

“Sharpen the saw”


What People Are Saying About CAMP...

CAMP gives my secretary instant access without calling a QuickBooks Advisor and maybe setting something up for the next day. That gets expensive: an accountant's time is expensive. From a cost standpoint and a time standpoint, it helps her find the answers to the questions a lot quicker. It's helped me understand QuickBooks a little more so when I hand off work, I know what I'm asking for.

Scott Collins, Collins Concrete

CAMP is really reasonably priced. It’s cheaper than an hourly rate.

From an end user position, I’ve done the “I don’t have time”, I’ve done that. I’ve done every excuse you can possibly imagine. This is the first time I’ve run through training in a sequential way.

The classes cover A LOT of things that take you into a different mindset of how to look at QuickBooks. Those already are a ton of savings. I’ve made lots of notes from these classes. Some of this is stuff I’ve already known, but I see it now in a different way. It’s like reading a book a second time, you see something stand out when you read it again.

CAMP eliminates a lot of wasted time. It makes it so that when Diane talks to you, you’re able to save yourself time because…

1. You understand the terms that she’s introducing to you.
2. You start to understand your real need. What would normally take you hours, you can now narrow it down and say I already understand that part, now I need help with this.

Carol Kolona, Soar Accounting

I have found CAMP to be useful and beneficial and as time progresses and skills improved, the dependency of CAMP has become less required.

Keep up the excellent work.

Ron Foster, Contender Fire Sprinkler



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More Than 5000 Subscriber Months To Date...

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Here's Exactly What You Get In the
Construction Accounting and Management Programs!

CAMP Comprehensive – Essentials

Includes Level 1 Classes PLUS
the Bonuses Shown Below…

"CAMP Comprehensive – Essentials" Includes
Level 1 – “Essentials”
35 Job Cost & Accounting Online Classes ($4,645 Value)

Level 1 accounting and job cost workshops help you learn...

    • Essential construction accounting concepts and training
    • If your current accounting system needs improvements (here’s how to find out!)
    • How to design your QuickBooks® Lists so that you will be able to deliver solid job cost accounting and reporting results
    • Secrets to efficient and effective data entry
    • + A wide variety of other topics such as how to establish appropriate security settings, choosing the best Company & Personal File Preferences, seeing how to customizing forms to be both functional and beautiful, creating budgets, fine-tuning useful job cost reports – and much, much more… (See a complete listing of Level 1 classes below!)
Click here to see a complete list of Level 1 courses +

‘Level 1′ Job Cost and Accounting Training for QuickBooks (available instantly when you subscribe)

  1. Analyze Your QuickBooks File in 35 Checkpoints (#1105) 58 min - $137
  2. Computer System Layouts for QuickBooks (#1200) 27 min - $127
  3. Maintaining a Safe Home for Your QuickBooks Data Files (#1205) 43 min - $127
  4. Access to Your QuickBooks File: Controlling “Who Can Do What” (#1300) 16 min - $117
  5. Protecting Your QuickBooks Data From Loss, Corruption and Theft (#1305) 18 min - $117
  6. Optimizing your QuickBooks Company File Preferences (#1310) 91 min - $147
  7. Customizing Your QuickBooks Personal File Preferences & Icon Bar (#1315) 76 min - $137
  8. Accounting Crash Course I: Information Flow & Reporting, Systems, Accounts & More… (#1400) 96 min - $147
  9. Accounting Crash Course II: Income Measurement Methods, Special Accounts & More… (#1405) 76 min - $147
  10. Intro to QuickBooks Sales, Purchasing, Payroll & Banking Cycles (#1410) 103 min - $147
  11. Creating & Customizing Forms In QuickBooks (#1415) 68 min - $137
  12. Essential Financial Reports: What Are They & Who Needs Them? (#1420) 29 min - $127
  13. Building Your Chart of Accounts (#1430) 102 min - $147
  14. Creating Accurate Opening Balances (#1500 & # 1510) 107 min - $147
  15. The Item List: Secret to Job Costing in QuickBooks (#1600) 72 min - $137
  16. Building, Organizing, & Managing Your Customer:Job List (#1610) 24 min - $127
  17. Creating & Maintaining Vendor Records (#1625) 43 min - $127
  18. Overview & Concepts: Time Tracking & Payroll (#1630) 72 min - $137
  19. Primary Background Supporting Lists (#1635) 44 min - $127
  20. Creating Custom Fields in QuickBooks (#1640) 47 min - $137
  21. Importing Information into your QuickBooks file (#1650) 41 min - $127
  22. Tips, Hints, Insights, and Techniques for QuickBooks (#2000) 111 min - $147
  23. Running an Effective & Efficient Back Office (#2020) 68 min - $137
  24. Entering, Printing, & Controlling Checks (#2300) 91 min - $147
  25. Entering Bills and Vendor Credits (#2305) 65 min - $137
  26. Processing Bill Payments (#2310) 44 min - $127
  27. Big Ticket Purchases & Depreciation (#2325) 57 min - $137
  28. More Than One Company? Unique & Complex Transactions (#2330) 19 min - $117
  29. Accounting for the Owners’ Personal Expenditures and Contributions (#2335) 43 min - $127
  30. Credit Card Transactions: The Mini-Accounts Payable System (#2340 & #2345) 36 min - $127
  31. Inventory Overview: Intro to Inventory Concepts (#2350) 35 min - $127
  32. Bank Deposits, Draws & Loans (#2505) 16 min - $117
  33. Invoicing Basics: Fixed Price, Progress Invoicing, Time & Cost, Customer Deposits, Retainage, Change Orders (#2520) 75 min - $147
  34. Accepting Payments, Crediting Customers & Processing Refunds (#2530) 19 min - $107
  35. Reporting Fundamentals (#3000) 41 min - $127


"CAMP Comprehensive – Essentials" also Includes
Discounts on Info Plus Job Cost Support Products
(Up to $1,234 Value)

Save 30%! Click to See These Specialized Accounting Support Tools +

Subscriber-only-instant-discounts on these additional job-cost support products

  1. eCPA – employee Cost & Pricing Analyzer™ (to 40 Employees) - $497 (less your discount of $149)
  2. eCPA – employee Cost & Pricing Analyzer™ (to 200 Employees) - $997 (less your discount of $299)
  3. Percentage of Completion Analyzer™ - $247 (less your discount of $74)
  4. Month-End Closing Procedures for QuickBooks - $497 (less your discount of $149)
  5. AccountingPRO™ Construction Template for QuickBooks - $1497 (less your discount of $449)
  6. Profit Booster Analyzer™ - $297 (less your discount of $89)
  7. Cleancut Time$heets™ – English Spanish - $47 (less your discount of $14)
  8. Cleancut Time$heets™ – English-only - $37 (less your discount of $11)

"CAMP Comprehensive – Essentials" also Includes
• One-to-one orientation call with your Info Plus 'CAMP Counselor'

• Insights on QuickBooks® Software & Services

Use (or Want to Get?) QuickBooks®? Click here to learn more... +

For job-costing, we always recommend QuickBooks Desktop or Desktop (Cloud) Hosting.
As QuickBooks Solution Providers we can help you find the right software fit for your company:

  • QuickBooks Pro Desktop
  • QuickBooks Mac Desktop
  • QuickBooks Premier Desktop
  • QuickBooks Online (all versions)
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop (1-40 users)
  • For job costing, we recommend either Enhanced or Assisted Intuit Payroll Services
  • For "anytime, anywhere access," ask us about hosting services

NOTES: QuickBooks software and services pricing varies based on licenses and other needs.


CAMP – Comprehensive

Includes “CAMP Comprehensive – Essentials”
(as shown above)

PLUS the Following…

"CAMP – Comprehensive" Includes
Level 2 – “Mastery”
25 Advanced Job Cost & Accounting Online Classes ($3,445 Value)

Advanced construction accounting and job cost workshops are designed to provide access to advanced accounting and QuickBooks® topics.  For example:

    • Creating Estimates for Fixed Price, T&M, & Cost Plus jobs (+ the best way to handle Change Orders!) in your construction accounting system.
    • How to implement Purchase Orders
    • Reconciling tips & tricks
    • How to handle special income & cost adjustments (e.g., Percentage of Completion, Specs, Completed Contract, etc.)
    • + Even more advanced topics such as features you likely don’t know about, customization and analytical techniques, innovative reporting, financial controls & proofing procedures, addressing data integrity issues,  and much, much more. (See listing of Level 2 classes below.)

Note:  You may want to complete ‘Essentials – Level 1′ workshops before starting ‘Mastery – Level 2′ workshops. Or you could take classes in tandem based on topic groupings. If you’re a very experienced QuickBooks® user, you may choose to deep-dive only into specific topics.

Click here to see a complete list of Level 2 courses +

‘Level 2′ Job-Cost and Accounting Training for QuickBooks (available instantly when you subscribe)

  1. Discover (and Get!) What You Want from Your QuickBooks Accounting System (#1010) 42 min - $127
  2. Selecting the Best Version of QuickBooks (#1100) 20 min - $127
  3. Coordinating a QuickBooks Startup or Remodel (#1110) 58 min - $137
  4. Think QuickBooks isn’t “enough”? Options to consider… (#1115) 24 min - $117
  5. Remodeling Your QuickBooks Chart of Accounts (#1440) 84 min - $147
  6. Cleaning Up QuickBooks: Items, Payroll Items, & Prior Tax Returns (#1605) 66 min - $137
  7. Advanced Techniques to Create Critical Job Analytics (#1615) 73 min - $137
  8. “Extra’s” in QuickBooks: Features Advanced Users Should Know About (#2010) 71 min - $137
  9. Controlling Results with Estimates & Change Orders (#2100) 107 min - $147
  10. Job Allowances: Estimates, Tracking, Reporting & Billing (#2110) 44 min - $127
  11. Controlling Costs with Purchase Orders (#2140) 84 min - $147
  12. Managing Bills in QuickBooks (#2315) 48 min - $137
  13. 77 Tips & Techniques To Improve Your Cash Flow (#2318) 15 min - $117
  14. Computing & Assigning Equipment Costs To Jobs (#2355) 65 min - $147
  15. Advanced Invoicing: Special & Complex Invoicing Scenarios (#2525) 53 min - $137
  16. Accounting For Job Closings (#2535) 50 min - $137
  17. Intro to Work in Process & Percentage of Completion: Long-Term Contracts, Spec Homes, & Lots (#2600) 66 min - $137
  18. Work in Process: Adjusting Income & Cost for Spec Homes, Lots, Completed Contract & Other Jobs (#2610) 70 min - $137
  19. Percentage of Completion Entries: Adjusting Income & Cost for Long-term Contracts (#2620) 61 min - $137
  20. Advanced Reporting Techniques (#3010) 79 min - $147
  21. Trouble-shooting & Reconciling Bank Accounts (& Other Assets) with QuickBooks (#4000) 137 min - $147
  22. How To Check The Accuracy Of Your Accounts Payable & Credit Cards (#4005) 80 min - $147
  23. How To Check, Fix, And Finalize Your Job Cost Assignments (#4010) 65 min - $137
  24. Month-End Closing Process: Accurate Useful Reports, On Time, Each and Every Month (#4015) 77 min - $147
  25. Finalizing the Year, What Your Tax Preparer Needs, and Coordinating Results (#4020) 86 min - $147

"CAMP – Comprehensive" also Includes
Level 3 – “Owners & Managers”
14 Top-Down, Financial Management Online Classes ($1,788 Value)

Jump into these workshops at any time – and in any sequence. Why? They are stand-alone, top-down, management-style classes that deal with big-picture company-wide issues such as...

    • Markup and profit insights and calculations
    • Control loops (4 critical steps to establishing and maintaining control over your business results)
    • What to do if you’re not getting the reports you want
    • Stopping profit leaks
    • Technology tips and pitfalls
    • + Much more. (See listing of Level 3 classes below.)
Click here to see a complete list of Level 3 courses +

‘Level 3′ Job Cost and Accounting Training for QuickBooks (available instantly when you subscribe).
Classes with no links are available ONLY to CAMP subscribers.

  1. Why and How You Can Use a Financial Control Loop (32 min) - $127
  2. How to Get the Job Cost Reports You Want Using QuickBooks (30 min) - $127
  3. 13 Common QuickBooks Mistakes (3 parts: 27 min, 28 min, and 31 min) - $137
  4. It’s NOT a budget – It’s a GAME PLAN! (2 parts:  39 min and 40 min) - $137
  5. The Case of Above vs. Below the Line Markups (10 min) - $107
  6. Markup & Profit:  Understanding, Computing & Determining Your Optimal Markup Mix (78 min) - $137
  7. The 9 Biggest Technology Pitfalls That Trap Small Businesses (55 min) - $127
  8. A Personal Story:  How FRAUD Changed the Lives of 14 People (26 min) - $117
  9. Stop Profit Leaks:  How to detect (and destroy!) those money-sucking “profit vampires” hiding out in your business ship (90 min) - $147
  10. Rightsizing Your Accounting System (57 min) - $127
  11. Be Profitable in Any Economy:  Taking Control of Your Bottom Line! (with Vicki Suiter, Suiter Business Builders) (59 min) - $127
  12. Danger!  Required Business Security Laws (with Bob Listerman – BTR Security) (52 min) - $117
  13. How to Re-Engage Past Clients:  A Proactive Business Model (with David Lupberger – Home Asset Management Program) (87 min) - $137
  14. Are You a Commodity?  What Makes YOU Different? (with Kyle Hunt – Remodel Your Marketing) (47 min) - $117

"CAMP – Comprehensive" also Includes
11 Extra "Subscriber-Only" Workshops ($1,237 Value)

Even more insights for QuickBooks®... Click here to see all 11 +

Bonus Job-Cost and Accounting Training for QuickBooks (available instantly when you subscribe).
NOTE: These classes are available ONLY to CAMP subscribers.

  1. Billing Rate Levels: Setting Custom Invoicing Rates for Different Employees, Vendors, & Processes (28 min) - $107
  2. Price Rate Levels & Combining PRL with Billing Rate Levels (23 min) - $107
  3. Assigning the Owner’s Time & Cost (at Standard Rates) to Jobs (25 min) - $107
  4. Ghosts in the Closet: Tracking Down & Exposing Deleted & Voided Transactions (15 min) 17 - $107
  5. 4 QuickBooks Features to Fall in Love With! (25 min) - $107
  6. More QuickBooks Features to Fall in Love With!! (15 min) - $107
  7. It’s 1099 Time! It’s a Dirty Job, But… (53 min) - $107
  8. Use Tax: How to Track, Job Cost, and Pay Use Tax in QuickBooks (40 min) - $107
  9. Tracking & Reporting on the Cost of Job Errors, Variances, and Warranty Costs (34 min) - $107
  10. Tracking & Accounting for Your Rental Properties (66 min) - $137
  11. Home & Family Finances: Using QuickBooks for Personal & Family Cost Tracking
    Includes a Home & Family Template (QuickBooks File) for Your Own Use
     (29 min) - $137





Includes “CAMP – Comprehensive”
(as shown above)

PLUS the Following…

"CAMP – VIP" Includes
1. More Than 36 Monthly Q&A and Group Coaching Webinars – Recorded Live (Value: Your Subscriber Questions Answered)

Our VIP subscribers asked questions – and received answers – throughout these live, interactive monthly coaching meetings. Watch these recordings to discover, learn, and benefit from hearing about other VIP Subscribers’ challenges, questions, and answers. Additionally, Diane created unique “Quick Focus” topics plus a “Quick Tips” segment for each event.

All these webinar videos (and transcripts!) are available in your searchable “VIP recordings” vault.

"CAMP – VIP" also Includes
2. Search the "VIP Recordings Vault" by Topic (Value: Saving your time!)

We've provided key-word searchability for each Q&A discussed during the monthly VIP Q&A and Coaching sessions. That means if you had a question, but missed writing down all of the details regarding the solution, you can easily locate the answer and review it at your own pace. OR if you encounter a question between sessions, you'll be able to search by topic to see if another VIP subscriber encountered a similar problem that we resolved.

"CAMP – VIP" also Includes
3. Article Resource Center (So that you can focus your research...)

The Article Resource Center is a "living library" that you can consult on an as-needed basis. We continually add written, illustrated articles covering essential business and financial areas such as...

    1. Increasing Your Business Profitability
    2. QuickBooks® Troubleshooting Insights and Product Tips
    3. Maximizing Markup and Gross Profit
    4. Labor Burden and Profit Impacts
    5. Construction Accounting – Basics and Insights
    6. Efficient and Accurate Entries to Ensure Reliable Reports

"CAMP – VIP" also Includes
4. Our Exclusive "Roadmap Job Cost Planning" Product (Value: $497)

You will find this to be an easy-to-use, Excel-based guide. Whether you are 'remodeling' (fixing) your current file, or starting from scratch, it will help you succeed by mapping out a customized and direct path (steps and classes) to reach YOUR job cost and management reporting goals.

"CAMP – VIP" also Includes
5. Private Coaching & Guidance (Value: $5,960/year)

You can coordinate a private online (computer-to-computer) coaching session with one of our Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors WITHIN each paid subscription month. Our ProAdvisors will help you solve your QuickBooks®, Enterprise, management reporting, or job cost questions. You can also use these meetings to resolve company-specific applications.


More than $17,500 Worth of Training and Discounts

Business Value?




More Comments About CAMP Training...

 I wasn’t sure online training would work for my learning style.  I am a visual as well as hands-on learner.  The written word is not always clear without application.  After watching the first video, Diane’s style of teaching relieved my concerns.  She is a very talented teacher.

Speaking for someone in my circumstance (who needed a refresher in Quickbooks and general accounting but specifically in Construction Accounting), this product is well worth your time and the price!

With cleaner books and reports we are able to get the appropriate CPA documents necessary for a larger dollar license and for financing to build spec homes.

Janice Collins, Orion Service Group

When I have a specific question where I ask myself, how do I do this? I can go into CAMP and I can look through all the videos or search and find what I need. For example, if I needed something specific to Estimates, I can find the class and watch that one. So it's been great when you have a very specific question, which is really, really key.

Jacqueline Leighton, Classic Colonial Homes

I've never done job costing and I'm still learning how to use those features. Watching the videos that Diane has made and then being able to ask questions to her is very valuable. The amount of videos/topics to choose from is fantastic.

Patricia Fontaine, Classic Colonial Homes

The videos are great; the handouts are good. Thanks for being a positive force for good!

Roy Skeen, 55 Builders, Inc.


No long-term contract - Cancel anytime

More Than 5000 Subscriber Months To Date...

Risk Free - Try it now!

ANNUAL: 2 Months Free



  • Includes CAMP Comprehensive – PLUS the following:

  • ~ 60 Minutes Per Month One-to-One ProAdvisor Assistance

  • ~ More than 36 Recorded Monthly Q&A and Coaching Webinars

  • ~ Searchable VIP Transcripts and Recordings

  • ~ Article Resource Center ("Living Library")


$331/moBILLED $3970 ANNUALLY

  • Includes CAMP Comprehensive – PLUS the following:

  • ~ 60 Minutes Per Month One-to-One ProAdvisor Assistance

  • ~ More than 36 Recorded Monthly Q&A and Coaching Webinars

  • ~ Searchable VIP Transcripts and Recordings

  • ~ Article Resource Center ("Living Library")

CAMP – Comprehensive


  • ~ 35 Job Cost and Accounting Classes (Level 1)

  • ~ 25 Advanced Job Cost & Accounting Classes (Level 2)

  • ~ 14 Financial Management Classes (Level 3)

  • ~ BONUS: 11 Subscriber-Only Workshops

  • ~ BONUS: Exclusive Roadmap Job Cost Planning Blueprint (value: $497)

  • ~ BONUS: Profit-Booster Analyzer™ (value: $297)

  • ~ Insights on QuickBooks Software & Services

CAMP – Comprehensive

$164/moBILLED $1970 ANNUALLY

  • ~ 35 Job Cost and Accounting Classes (Level 1)

  • ~ 25 Advanced Job Cost & Accounting Classes (Level 2)

  • ~ 14 Financial Management Classes (Level 3)

  • ~ BONUS: 11 Subscriber-Only Workshops

  • ~ BONUS: Exclusive Roadmap Job Cost Planning Blueprint (value: $497)

  • ~ BONUS: Profit-Booster Analyzer™ (value: $297)

  • ~ Insights on QuickBooks Software & Services

Continuing Education credits

NARI (the National Association of the Remodeling Industry) has approved our presentation-content classes for their Continuing Education Units. Credits are granted as .1 unit per 50-minutes of presentation time.  NOTE: Qualifying sessions include all financial management, accounting, and marketing seminars; it does not include coaching, showcase or networking sessions.

For More Specifics…

  1. About the development of this program: please visit the Why we created Online Job Cost Training for QuickBooks® page.
  2. About CAMP subscription logistics: please visit the CAMP Frequently Asked Questions page.
  3. If you’ve reviewed the FAQs and still have additional questions, please call (734-544-7620) or e-mail us directly via our Contact page.