Are Labor Costs Killing Your Profits?

 Are you…

  • ⭐ Worried you’re not charging enough to earn the correct profit on your employees?
  • ⭐ Unsure about how to estimate and track fully loaded labor burden costs in QuickBooks?
  • ⭐ Concerned that the cost-basis for your products or service might be wrong?
  • ⭐ Struggling to keep up with all the costs and expenses associated with your employees?
  • ⭐ Frustrated by the cost of lost and wasted time or errors and rework?

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Here are just a few of the user-friendly features and benefits of this program:

eCPA Labor Burden Specifications

Used by more than 600 satisfied customers
("Small & Mid-Sized" versions)

Meet the Creator of the Employee Cost & Pricing Analyzer:

In addition to being an award winning Accountant and QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor, Diane Gilson has taught, coached, and advised thousands of QuickBooks users in the construction industry.

In this program, Diane combines her 30+ years of accounting experience (including 15 years as a CPA) with her passion for job costing. Helping construction company owners, accountants and bookkeepers drive more profits through better financial management has been the heart and soul of her business for more than 20 years.





Overview (5:27):

This short video explains more about labor burden,
and how it impacts your estimating, pricing, and profitability...

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This Is What You Receive

  • The Complete eCPA Software System
  • “What Employees Really Cost”
    In-Depth Instructions for using the eCPA.
  • “eCPA Employee Costs and Profitable Pricing”
    A quick and easy introduction for business owners who care about their employees AND about their bottom line.
  • “Using QuickBooks to Automatically Post Burden Costs”
    How to automatically enter labor burden costs to jobs and tasks using the QuickBooks desktop payroll system.
  • “Getting Control of Your Employee Labor Burden Costs”. Includes:
    • What should employees really cost?
    • What should employees contribute to your gross profit?
    • Can overtime actually be cost-effective
    • Using burdened costs and reports
    • Assigning direct, indirect, and other costs
    • The cost of wasted time Your actual labor costs?
  • Video (40 minutes):
    How to use the employee Cost & Pricing Analyzer™ (eCPA)
    Use the eCPA to its full potential + discover many ways to understand and control the labor costs in your business.
  • Video (67 minutes):
    Discovering Your Hidden Labor Costs and Profit Leaks
    What hidden labor burden costs look like and how to get them under control.


What People Are Saying About
Employee Cost & Pricing Analyzer...

Impressive calculator! It’s a game changer - highly recommend to properly burden your job cost.

Carolyn Prendergast, Prendergast Construction Company, Inc.

The Employee Cost & Pricing Analyzer™ is a key product to ensure that you're charging enough money and ultimately saves your company money.

Catherine Baldi, Arana Craftsman

I think it's a comprehensive product and it's a product particularly small companies that have to do their own estimating and costing options should use.

Kelvin Owens, PMI Energy Solutions

With what we do, the materials are easy, that's not the snag. The shrinkage is really in the labor and having that really detailed labor cost.

I went through and filled out the eCPA myself and didn't have any problem navigating in it and coming up with some good numbers.

I had to make a couple modifications. I just called Diane and I said how should I handle this in regards to some Worker's Comp questions? We worked it through in 5 minutes on the phone and I put it in place.

Scott Collins, Collins Concrete

We were using a different labor burden calculator, but this just breaks it down into even more detail.

Taking on a new hire and labor is definitely pricey. The eCPA has been so helpful to look at and know exactly what a new hire will cost us. Then we can ask ourselves, do we think he's going to be worth that amount? You really have to think about the level of expertise and the requested salaries and think, okay, can he generate that much more income for us?

Connie Zengel, Zengel Group


Used by more than 600 satisfied customers
("Small & Mid-Sized" versions)

Which version to select?

  • Choose the "Small" version if you believe you will always have less than 40 employees and 6 or fewer employee levels or departments to track.
    Why? The "Small" version has fewer employee and equipment tabs, and due to the smaller Excel file size will likely open a bit faster on your computer .
  • Choose "Mid-Sized" if you believe you may potentially have more than 40 employees or would like to track more than 6 departments or employee levels.
    Why? "Small" and "Mid-sized" are two separate programs and cannot be "migrated" between versions.
  • ...Business Size...

  • Choose Your Version

  • eCPA Software System in MS Excel
  • Departments, Processes, or EE Levels
  • Number of Employees To Track
  • Workers Comp Rates
  • Regular Time Burdened $ Per Prod'n Hr
  • Overtime Burdened $ Per Prod'n Hr
  • Average Burdened $ Per Prod'n Hr
  • Computed Suggested Billing Rate
  • Suggested vs Current Rate Over/Short
  • Multi-State Options
  • Shared Cost Reference Sheet
  • Computed QuickBooks Allocation %
  • Department Totals & Averages
  • Company-wide Totals & Averages
  • Lost & Wasted Time: Cost & Calcs
  • "17 Ways to Use Labor Burden Info"
  • Save Data Entry Details & Results
  • Instructions Included Within Excel
  • 6 videos: eCPA Overview
  • Video: Discovering Hidden Labor Costs
  • eBook: Controlling Employee Costs
  • eBook: Adding Burden to QuickBooks
  • Video Training: eCPA In-Depth
  • eBook: eCPA In-Depth Instructions

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will be happy with this program that we give you a full 60 days to use it so you can decide if you want to keep it.  If not, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked!

License is valid to compute results for a single business entity. During checkout, please select the name of the entity that will appear on your reports and the version of Excel you currently use. Your eCPA file (customized with your company name) will be delivered to you via download within 1-2 business days. Upon purchase, you will be directed to a registration page and then to a page containing all your remaining eCPA support videos and documents.

For Consultants & Accountants: We love working with consultants and accountants, but please note that this product is NOT licensed to compute results for multiple entities. If you wish to use this product for multiple clients, please contact us for helpful insights and discounted licensing arrangements. We appreciate your compliance with legal intellectual property rights