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Labor Burden Calculator Videos: eCPA (employee Cost & Pricing Analyzer)


Here are a few videos to show you how the employee Cost and Pricing Analyzer™ works...

User's Guide (1:24):

You won't be on your own - a User's Guide is included with each package. Here's a preview...

Reference Sheet - Foundation for Success (4:00): 

Here's where you'll customize the eCPA to reflect your company's specific circumstances.  You'll enter your company's departments (or employee levels), employer state payroll taxes, and other costs that are shared between employees.

Sample Employee - Data & Results (3:59):

• How to enter data specific to individual employees.
• How regular and overtime cost results are displayed
• How desired gross profit margin reveals what you should be charging per hour (and earning per year) for each employee.
• Enter your current price per hour and see the annual bottom line difference..

Summaries:  By Department and for Direct, Indirect, and G&A Costs (3:21)

Company, Department, and Direct-Indirect-G&A Summaries (3:21):  For estimating, pricing, and general analytical purposes you'll also want to have access to weighted averages for various departments and employee classifications.  This video shows how your results are summarized and presented. 

Understanding the Cost of Lost and Wasted Time (2:16)

Errors, inattention, lack of planning, non-work chat, and goofing off...  Ever wonder how much money gets lost and wasted in your company each day? Now, instead of guessing, you can find out exactly how much that lost and wasted time costs.
WARNING:  You may be shocked at your initial results!

Choose your version

Used by more than 600 satisfied customers
("Small & Mid-Sized" versions)

Which version to select?

  • Choose the "Small" version if you believe you will always have less than 40 employees and 6 or fewer employee levels or departments to track.
    Why? The "Small" version has fewer employee and equipment tabs, and due to the smaller Excel file size will likely open a bit faster on your computer .
  • Choose "Mid-Sized" if you believe you may potentially have more than 40 employees or would like to track more than 6 departments or employee levels.
    Why? "Small" and "Mid-sized" are two separate programs and cannot be "migrated" between versions.
  • ...Business Size...

  • Choose Your Version

  • eCPA Software System in MS Excel
  • Departments, Processes, or EE Levels
  • Number of Employees To Track
  • Workers Comp Rates
  • Regular Time Burdened $ Per Prod'n Hr
  • Overtime Burdened $ Per Prod'n Hr
  • Average Burdened $ Per Prod'n Hr
  • Computed Suggested Billing Rate
  • Suggested vs Current Rate Over/Short
  • Multi-State Options
  • Shared Cost Reference Sheet
  • Computed QuickBooks Allocation %
  • Department Totals & Averages
  • Company-wide Totals & Averages
  • Lost & Wasted Time: Cost & Calcs
  • "17 Ways to Use Labor Burden Info"
  • Save Data Entry Details & Results
  • Instructions Included Within Excel
  • 6 videos: eCPA Overview
  • Video: Discovering Hidden Labor Costs
  • eBook: Controlling Employee Costs
  • eBook: Adding Burden to QuickBooks
  • Video Training: eCPA In-Depth
  • eBook: eCPA In-Depth Instructions

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will be happy with this program that we give you a full 60 days to use it so you can decide if you want to keep it.  If not, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked!

License is valid to compute results for a single business entity. During checkout, please select the name of the entity that will appear on your reports and the version of Excel you currently use. Your eCPA file (customized with your company name) will be delivered to you via download within 1-2 business days. Upon purchase, you will be directed to a registration page and then to a page containing all your remaining eCPA support videos and documents.

For Consultants & Accountants: We love working with consultants and accountants, but please note that this product is NOT licensed to compute results for multiple entities. If you wish to use this product for multiple clients, please contact us for helpful insights and discounted licensing arrangements. We appreciate your compliance with legal intellectual property rights