Meet Your Info Plus Accounting Support Team

DIANE GILSON - President & CEO

Diane's mission is to empower construction company owners and their support teams to create more profitable, effective, and personally-rewarding businesses.

She brings more than 30 years of professional accounting experience to her QuickBooks business advisor practice. Click to learn more about Diane Gilson.  

Diane is a published author, speaker, and professional QuickBooks trainer with over 30 years accounting experience and is viewed as a leader in her fields of expertise.

She is a big fan of recorded books and listens to wide variety of motivational and professional authors. She enjoys travel and having fun with her canine companions (and office mascots).

I'm always interested in discovering the easiest and most effective way to get things done - whether it's finding the simplest way to get a process completed, or setting up a job-cost and management accounting system.

My superpower? I love to find ways to solve the unique problems that my customers and clients face. It's great fun to turn those solutions into resources they can easily understand – and use – to create better, and more profitable companies.

LAURA BELL - Chief Operating Officer

Laura brings her extensive prior experience working with worldwide teams as a programmer, tester, and customer advocate to her Chief Operating Officer position.

Her experience mentoring team members to become faster and more efficient allowed her to dive headfirst into her position as Chief Operating Officer at Info Plus Accounting.

She has a knack for discovering, and then sharing, new tools and ideas designed to help us deliver consistent and reliable service for our clients.

Laura is an avid reader – and detective novels are a great favorite. She and her husband John enjoy keeping up with their children and grandchildren, who live on opposite sides of the country.

It’s great fun to work with the Info Plus Accounting team as we continually upgrade our processes to create greater efficiency, and enhance our client communications to be even more user-friendly.

My superpower? Creating clean, logical, and effective systems! AND because we want our clients and customers to experience best-in-class service, I never hesitate to contribute my "end-user's perspective."

D. MARIE KEAST - Office Manager 

Although Marie started out as co-owner of a retail music store, we were fortunate to recruit her. She’s become an indispensable and valued member of Diane’s team. (Marie was actually one of Diane’s clients for more than ten years – so she’s very familiar with the accounting-client experience!)

Marie is typically the first person to speak with our current and potential clients. She helps callers get exactly what they need, whether it’s the right QuickBooks product, Info Plus Accounting support product, or an exploratory consulting session with Diane Gilson.

Marie acts as our client advocate and consistently focuses on customer satisfaction. She always brings a positive attitude to her work and teammates.

Marie enjoys spending free time with her husband and canine “fur-kid”. Her hobbies include reading, doing puzzles, and relaxing at her family’s cabin in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Marie is active in her church and takes great joy in doing volunteer work.

I needed lots of help with setting up a good accounting system in my prior business, so I really identify with people who call in and are looking for a place to start…

My superpower? I’m here to help you if you have questions about any of the products or services we have here at Info Plus – If I don’t know the answer right away, I’ll go to bat, and find it for you!

RAQUEL OBERG - Air Traffic Controller 

Raquel brings a variety of management-related work experiences to her current position.

She has earned the unique title of “Air Traffic Controller” because she remains calm and collected while still handling and overseeing numerous and varied projects. She ensures that details are properly attended to, even when “the planes are buzzing overhead.”

Collaborating with her teammates is one of her strengths, and we can always rely on her to help us achieve both internal and client-support goals.

Raquel thrives on spending time with her family and pets. She also reads widely about parenting, autism and especially enjoys thriller fiction. Favorite pastimes include camping, bowling, watching sports, and listening to a variety of music. Raquel’s greatest inspirations are her grandmother, mother, and son, Hayden.

I love working with the Info Plus Accounting team and have a great time supporting Diane, my teammates, and our clients. My goal is to keep our background activities flowing smoothly...

My superpower? Keeping all sorts of projects, calls, appointments, reminders, and activities "juggled," prioritized, and under my wing. When I can cross in-process items OFF my list, it's a victory!

JACK & NICHOLAI (NICKY) - Official Office Mascots & Guardians

Recently Overheard...

Cookie? Cookie? Cookie? Is it time for a cookie?

Can we go out? (2 minutes later... Can we come in?)

When's lunch?

Do you REALLY REALLY need to work with that client?
Oh, OK.   "Zzzzzzzzzzzzz"

Where's "Squirrel?" It was here a minute ago! Nicky! Did you take Squirrel?

Will you take Jack and me for a walk? Please! Please! Please!

Do you REALLY REALLY need to answer that phone call?
Sigh. OK.   "Zzzzzzzzzzzzz"

What? What? What's that? A duck? A duck! A DUCK in my back yard? Woof! Woof! Warning! Warning!

When's dinner?