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Learn The Secrets to Running Your Construction Business More Effectively & Profitably

Is This Summit Right for Me?


This Summit Is A Perfect Fit For You If:

  • You’re too busy working IN your business to work ON your business.
  • You can’t afford to take 3-5 days away from work to attend an industry conference.
  • You’re a business owner who wants to increase company sales and/or profits.
  • You’re involved in the business side of a company in the construction industry.
  • You’re not getting the financial info and reports you need to run a more profitable company.
  • You learn best by taking in information at your own pace.

Designed For the Busy Construction Pro!



Construction Business Challenges & Evolution

We know that owners, managers and team members in construction industry companies face a multitude of business challenges and issues.  

As you know, business trends, consumers, and the economic environment are in a state of continual change and evolution…

That’s why we’ve pulled together a broad mix of professionals and sessions so – no matter what you want to improve, or what ails your business – you can be sure that we’ve got you covered.

From generating leads and converting them into sales – to defining your priorities – to managing your team – to saving money – to creating financial reporting that ties everything together – and even more (check it out!) you’ll find something that’s up your “construction-business-alley”.

Learn while you drive (or lounge in your easy-chair). You can rest assured that the info presented in this Summit is valuable, varied, current, and easily accessible from your phone, tablet, laptop or computer! 

Agenda: What's On The Schedule?


Here's What We've Heard...

Here are just some of the top concerns that we consistently hear from construction business owners:

  • “I’m SO tired of competing on price!”
  • "My business is growing, but how do I make sure that I’m staying profitable?”
  • “My biggest challenge is finding, motivating, and keeping good employees.”
  • “I’m too busy RUNNING my business to take time out to figure out how to improve it!”
  • “How do I run a successful business, and still have time for a good relationship with my family?”
  • “I don’t know where I'd even start to look for help when I AM ready to deal with some of the issues I’m facing.”

And, because we heard you, this Summit has been designed to address not only these concerns, but many more!

How The Summit Will Meet Your Needs...

The good news: No matter where you are with your construction business, you can attend as many, or as few, of the sessions as you choose.

  • Some of you may watch nearly all of the sessions right away, and use the info to immediately improve your business on multiple fronts.
  • Some of you may attend only 1 or 2 sessions and get everything you need!
  • Others may prefer to attend your sessions over weeks or even months...

Because you have 24/7, ongoing access to the Summit sessions, you can choose to make progress on your own – as you’re ready.

Why not INVEST IN YOURSELF by accessing the tools, insights, and methodologies provided by these experts to save hours, months, and even years of time?
NARI CEU Approved

Your Summit Presentations
45 min to 2+ hrs per session (average 1 hr)

  • Keynote Speaker - Mike Michalowicz (Author, Entrepreneur)
    Converting Your Income Into Take-Home Pay:

    How Profit First Works for Construction Companies
  • "Hear-Ye, Hear-Ye": Stupid Things Contractors Do Which
    Land Them in Court:
    Confessions of An Expert Witness
  • Architecture & Photography:
    Attracting New Clients With High Quality Images
  • The 5 Pillars of a Successful Online Marketing Strategy:
    The Complete Guide for Construction Contractors
  • Escape the Gap:
    Too Much to Do, But No Cash to Hire?
  • How to Convert More Leads into Sales:
    Without Resorting to Gimmicks, Tricks & Hard-Sell Tactics
  • Profit More, Work Less
    The Profit Cycle – Where Do YOU Need To Focus?
  • A Tale of Two Remodelers
    A Potential Client Needs a Contractor For a Major Project...   
  • Getting The Capital You Need to Grow Your Business
    You Likely Have More Options Than You Realize...
  • Remodeling 2.0:
    Creating Clients For Life
  • The Reality of the Hack:
    How Vulnerable Are You?
  • How to Turn Your Website Into a Lead-Generation Machine:
    Get the Tips, Tricks, and Tools You Need to Know
  • Accelerate Your Payments While Avoiding Lien Risk
    Faster Cash Flow via Automated Lien Waivers and Payments 
  • Architect-Builder-Client Collaboration:
    Proactive Processes, Positive Relationships, Awesome Results
  • How To Make Your Design Services a Profit Center:
    Changing the Way You Think About the Plans You Create
  • How to Design and Build an HGTV Award-Winning Project:
    How It Happened for Kevin – A Real-Life Story...
  • Maximize Your Profits With QuickBooks:
    13 Smart & Simple Ways to Transform Your Business
  • Individualize Your Motivation Plan:
    Develop Techniques to Enhance Performance
  • Finding, Attracting & Retaining Great Employees:
    The Importance Of Systems & Culture In Your Business
  • Buy Like the Nationals:
    Best Practices for Getting the Most Out of Your Purchasing

Are the Sessions Available at Only Certain Times?


You're going to love this 24/7 benefit!

The 2019 Summit All Access Pass lets you view the entire Construction Industry Success Summit on your easy-to-read computer screen at any time - without ever setting foot in a convention hall. You can even watch or listen to sessions from your tablet or mobile phone!

You get the same kind of in-depth seminars that you’d get at an Industry Conference WITHOUT:

  • The uncomfortable chairs, and hard-to-read overhead screens at the front of the room.
  • Standing in the back of an over-crowded, over/under-temperature classroom.
  • Trekking through endless halls – only to find that your session has been moved or cancelled.
  • Spending the $2,000 – $5,000+ that it typically costs for Industry Conference admission, travel and hotel costs, and high-priced meals.
  • Leaving family behind (or paying for child [or pet] care).
  • Having to negotiate ticket bookings, losing time standing in security lines, waiting in terminals, and flights delayed due to weather, security, or mechanical problems. And don’t forget those cramped airline seats, fussy children, and talkative, cold-sharing seatmates.
  • Leaving behind revenue-generating work that needs your attention while you’re out-of-office during attendance and travel days.

That’s right, there’s NO back-of-the-room or uncomfortable seating, plane ticket, cancelled or delayed flights, leaving family at home, questionable hotel rooms, or overpriced meals!

Who's Presenting at the Summit?


We hand-picked speakers who are at the top of their game. They're the top construction industry authors, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, thought-leaders and, most importantly, they're teaching from experience, not from theory.

Despite their busy schedules, each of these speakers jumped on board for this event and promised to teach their best stuff. All we can say is, you're in for a treat!

Below you'll find a list of our Construction Industry Success Summit Speakers. We've highlighted just SOME of the highlights of the incredibly valuable, in-depth information that they will be sharing!

Mike Michalowicz

Business Author & Entrepreneur
CEO - Profit First Professionals

Converting Your Income Into Take-Home Pay:
How Profit First Works for Construction Companies   

How much of the money flowing through your business ends up in your bank account? If it's "Not enough!", and you're wondering why it seems like you're continually living "on the edge", this session is for you! Mike turns traditional financial perspectives upside down as he explains his revolutionary "Profit First" concept. You'll never again think about profits in the same way!  

  • Reverse engineering: "Forget accounting as you know it". 
  • Why WE are getting fat - but our BUSINESSES aren't.
  • Your "Profit Predicament": 5 Ways to begin the repair.

See a QUICK PREVIEW of Mike's session...
About Mike Michalowicz.

Isaac Barlow

Founder & CEO
busybusy Inc

Finding, Attracting & Retaining Great Employees:
The Importance Of Systems & Culture In Your Business

It's a huge construction-industry concern: As business is PICKING up, the competition for great employees is HEATING up! Isaac explores trends re: what's currently going on (and will continue to evolve) within workplace environments, and reveals specific systems that top companies implement to attract and keep the kinds of employees that YOU need.

  • The 11 systems that affect 7-year survival rates
  • The real-world "Supply & Demand %" that you're facing...
  • 3 employee attraction/retention goals for internal systems 

See a QUICK PREVIEW of Isaac's session...
About Isaac Barlow.

Joseph (Joe) Hughes

Contractor Dynamics

The 5 Pillars of a Successful Online Marketing Strategy:
The Complete Guide for Construction Contractors

Word-of-mouth referrals are great – but more and more of your potential clients are using the Internet to help them with their buying decisions. To control how fast your business grows, you'll need to use your website to differentiate your company (so you can stop competing on price!). Joe shows you how to convert website visitors into leads and sales.

  • 6 Reasons Why Most Contractor Marketing Fails
  • 4 Ways to Analyze and Beat Your Competition
  • 5 Ways to Measure Sales and Marketing Success

See a QUICK PREVIEW of Joe's session...
About Joe Hughes.

Dan Baumann

Chief Architect & Design-Build Business Coach
Chief Experts Design/Build Academy

How To Make Your Design Services a Profit Center

The days of free-plans and free-estimates are over. In this presentation Dan Baumann will help you discover how to change the way you think about charging for the plans you create for your clients. With over 40 years of experience in the building industry, Dan has the information you need to make a real profit from selling your professional planning services. 

  • 15 Reasons You Should Make More Money Doing Plans.
  • 4 Types Of Planning Services You Can Offer.
  • Strategies You Can Use To Determine How Much To Charge.

See a QUICK PREVIEW of Dan's session...
About Dan Baumann.

Vicki Suiter

President & CEO
Suiter Business Builders

Profit More, Work Less

Have you ever wondered why you don’t have more money in the bank when you’ve been working so hard? Would you like to have the clarity and confidence to know exactly what you could do to increase your bottom line, have more profits and work less? She shares:

  • 8 Ways to Use the Profit Cycle To Improve Your Business
  • How to Generate a More Consistent Profit
  • The 4 Critical Keys to Working Less and Profiting More

See a QUICK PREVIEW of Vicki's session...
About Vicki Suiter.

Kevin Transue

Founder & President
CHC Design Build

How to Design and Build an HGTV Award-Winning Project

Kevin shares his experience designing and building an award-winning project from first contact with the client – to receiving the notice that his project was chosen as the category winner. Kevin explains how he consistently delivers award-winning remodeling projects including:

  • Presenting & closing projects that exceed the stated budget.
  • Finding specialty items for the project that delight his clients.
  • Selling, and delivering, the WOW! factor to design-build clients.

See a QUICK PREVIEW of Kevin's session...

David Lupberger

Remodel Force

Remodeling 2.0:
Creating Clients For Life

David explores the underlying financial realities of project-driven businesses – and how you can begin to establish systems to help offset the roller-coaster effect that most construction companies experience. You'll learn how you can easily fill slow times with highly-profitable work while, simultaneously, adding to the long-term asset value of your company.

  • Establish a recession-proof company (or business division).
  • Create a recurring, reliable revenue stream.
  • Build rewarding, enjoyable, life-long relationships with clients.

See a QUICK PREVIEW of David's session...
About David Lupberger.

Bruce McCully

Owner & Visionary
Dynamic Edge, Inc.

The Reality of the Hack:
How Vulnerable Are You?

Most small and mid-sized businesses (SMB's) are finding new ways to use computing power to run their businesses. But so are the cyber-criminals! Their sophistication means that you're far more vulnerable than ever... Bruce explains why YOU are now a prime target, and shares a variety of self-defense tips that you – and especially your employees – NEED to know such as:

  • One place you NEVER want to store your passwords.
  • 5 Levels of WiFi security – and the minimal level to use.
  • Spotting dangerous emails – and other hacker scams.

See a QUICK PREVIEW of Bruce's session...
About Bruce McCully.

Ken Horst

Founder & President
Digital Marketing Wingman

How to Turn Your Website into a Lead-Generation Machine:
Get the Tips, Tricks and Tools You Need to Know

97% of visitors to most websites leave without taking any action. When this happens on YOUR website, it means that you won't even know they're interested in what you have to offer! Join Ken as he reveals a step-by-step method to entice more of your website visitors to provide their contact info – which means that they can, in turn, become valuable, profit-generating leads.

  • How to conduct a CTA (Call-to-Action) website audit.
  • How to convert more of your website visitors into leads.
  • How to add lead-generation popups to your website.

See a QUICK PREVIEW of Ken's session...
About Ken Horst.

Dennis Dixon

Dixon Ventures

"Hear-Ye, Hear-Ye": Stupid Things Contractors Do Which
Land Them in Court: Confessions of An Expert Witness

Suing or being sued is expensive, tedious, and VERY time-consuming! It's the last place that you, as a contractor, want to be... Join Dennis as he shares a variety of his real-life "adventures-in-court" as an experienced Expert Witness on behalf of both Plaintiffs and Defendants in legal cases. Think it can't happen to you? Think again!

  • What's the biggest contributor to construction litigation?
  • Why do homeowners start a lawsuit? THEN what happens?
  • The Top 5 things you can do to avoid ending up in court.

See a QUICK PREVIEW of Dennis's session...
About Dennis Dixon.

Charlie Borland

Professional Photographer
Charlie Borland Photography

Architecture & Photography:
Attracting New Clients With High Quality Images

Good photography can have an enormous impact on your marketing efforts. In this movie-style video Charlie shares primary considerations to keep in mind for both interior and exterior property photos (e.g., lighting, angles, color, composition, and many other technical aspects). Whether your own, or professional, photos – you'll learn what to look for!

  • What kinds of photos sell property fastest?
  • What photography equipment does Charlie recommend?
  • "Good" vs. "Bad", "Before" & "After", and Photoshop.

See a QUICK PREVIEW of Charlie's session...
About Charlie Borland.

Dawn Zuber, AIA

Studio Z Architecture

Architect-Builder-Client Collaboration:
Proactive Processes, Positive Relationships, Awesome Results

Designer/Architect, Contractor, and Client relationships CAN be a win-win for everyone. Dan Baumann interviews Dawn to learn exactly how she's able to achieve that goal in her business. They explore various time-tested processes that continue to work for her (and many others!) throughout the design, implementation, and completion of a successful construction project...

  • How Architects Create A Team Approach To Design
  • Strategies Contractors Can Use To Work With Architects
  • How Successful Architects Run Their Business

See a QUICK PREVIEW of Dawn's session...
About Dawn Zuber.

Diane Gilson (Your Host)

President & Founder
Info Plus Accounting &

Maximize Your Profits With QuickBooks:
13 Smart & Simple Ways to Transform Your Business

"What gets measured, gets managed." Most business owners instinctively know that better internal management information yields improved business results. But how to get there? Diane shares 13 basic, step-by-step techniques you can easily implement by more effectively using software you (likely) already own. Just some of the topics:

  • Estimates & pricing, job costing, and "variance" reports
  • Tracking time, burden, employee, and equipment costs
  • Achieving reliable, useful management reports

See a QUICK PREVIEW of Diane's session...
About Diane Gilson.

Luis Trejo

CRO & Co-Founder

Accelerate Your Payments While Avoiding Lien Risk

Whether commercial or residential construction, after securing a contract for a job, lien waivers are some of the most important documents in construction. Did you know that they are often used improperly, sporadically, or even overlooked altogether? Failing to use lien waivers properly can have huge legal and cash flow consequences! Luis covers:

  • 4 Major types of lien waivers and what you should look for.
  • How paper-based lien waivers create cash flow log-jams.
  • How cloud-based automation changes construction payments.

See a QUICK PREVIEW of Luis's session...
About Luis Trejo.

Jennie Friedman, ACG

Mindset Coach
Reach Furthur

Individualize Your Motivation Plan:
Techniques to Enhance Business Performance

Feel like you're being pushed and pulled in numerous directions throughout the day? The roller coaster of phone calls, meetings, client needs, financial decisions, employee issues, family requirements, vendor matters, product and service delivery, and marketing can zap the motivation of even the hardiest. Coach Jennie shares techniques to help you stay on track including:

  • How to reinforce your motivation through "certainty".
  • Why brain dumps are critical - and what to do with them.
  • 7 "Cool-tool" choices to organize & prioritize - YOUR way.

See a QUICK PREVIEW of Jennie's session...
About Jennie Friedman.

Bernie Heer

Founder & President
Contractor Profit Zone

How to Convert More Leads into Sales
(Without Resorting to Gimmicks, Tricks & Hard-Sell Tactics)

Are you tired of wasting your time with prospects who don’t buy? Are you losing deals to lower-priced competitors? Bernie shares proven ways to identify "The New Truths...", "What's wrong", and how to bump your margins while you improve your closing ratios.

  • Why your prospects think you're just like your competitors.
  • Why your current sales process is CRIPPLING your business.
  • The proven path to more enjoyable, and more profitable, sales.

See a QUICK PREVIEW of Bernie's session...
About Bernie Heer.

Kyle Hunt


A Tale of Two Remodelers:
A Potential Client Needs a Contractor For a Major Project...

Two approaches - Two dramatically different outcomes. Kyle presents a client's perspective as they begin to look for, and hire, a remodeling contractor. He compares and contrasts every primary contact point - from initial inquiry, to closed deal, and through pre- and post-construction process. You'll find:

  • Front-end activities that make a HUGE difference to prospects.
  • 4 Critical client communication "touch points".
  • 6 Easy, innovative ways to dramatically increase referrals.

See a QUICK PREVIEW of Kyle's session...
About Kyle Hunt.

Donny Wyatt

Founder & CEO

Escape the Gap: 
Too Much to Do, But No Cash to Hire...

Growing your business can be both exhilarating and risky – especially when you don’t have excess cash to acquire the costly resources potentially needed for growth. Donny illustrates practical, innovative ways to help you understand the process, and safely manage the transition:

  • Understanding why "The Gap" is occurring in your business. 
  • How to determine the extent, and amount of your Gap. 
  • Ways to conquer YOUR specific Gap.

See a QUICK PREVIEW of Donny's session...
About Donny Wyatt.

Meredith Wood

VP Content & Editor in Chief

Getting the Capital You Need to Grow Your Business

A critical component of a growing business is access to cash, but many small business owners find it difficult to get the capital they need from banks. In this session, Meredith explains:

  • Why bank lending to small businesses is down.
  • Alternative lending options. Encouraging news...
  • How to choose the "right" type of loan for your business.

See a QUICK PREVIEW of Meredith's session...
About Meredith Wood.

Brian Pavlick

Chief Operating Officer

Buy Like the Nationals:
Best Practices for Getting the Most Out of Your Purchasing

Current market conditions and labor shortages continue to put upward pressure on pricing leaving many builders feeling helpless.  Get the most out of your purchasing operation by implementing these proven practices that will help you leverage your spending power and hold your supply channel accountable.  Brian will discuss how you can:

  • Lower your Total Cost of Ownership
  • Avoid Price Creep
  • Improve your service levels

See a QUICK PREVIEW of Brian's session...
About Brian Pavlick.


What People Are Saying About Summit Speakers...

“Kyle is contagious!! Energetic speaker. Info specific to business needs.”
“Excellent presentation, dynamic speaker. Excellent takeaways… “
“Kyle is a very good speaker. Great content, engaging…
“This class inspired me to start thinking…”

— From Various Attendees at the National Remodeling Show

“Vicki can fluently speak about every aspect of what makes for a successful business. When she spoke our NARI meeting, she connected with the audience and really got people involved. From the comments I heard afterwards, I could tell that she made a huge impact. It was one of the best events we’ve had in a long time.”

— Dan Ross, Consultant and Coach, North Bay NARI Programs Committee

“I’ll continue to take Dan’s classes so I can continue to serve our clients better, produce more projects with fewer mistakes resulting in increased margins. Thanks Dan.”

— Tim Englert, Tim Englert Construction

“Ken does a great job of explaining Internet marketing in a way that I can understand and implement on my website. I also love the fact that I can access the recorded webinars if I need further explanation.”

— Vincent Sarnosky, Remodeling Contractor


“Wow! How can you improve on Mike Michalowicz as your opening keynote speaker? We had rave reviews from our attendees, and they asked for him to come back next year. Also, beyond doing an amazing job, Mike is incredibly generous with his support throughout the event. As a small business, we are extremely appreciative of his kindness and thoughtfulness. We look forward to more opportunities to work with Mike.”

— Gail Doby, CVO and Erin Weir, VP of Marketing & Operations,
Co-Founders of Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting

“Diane’s knowledge of QuickBooks is amazing. I don’t profess to have an in-depth understanding of QuickBooks but when I talk with Diane, I quickly realize I don’t even scratch the surface. She has the ability & experience to quickly cut to the chase on fixing issues or setting up reports, estimates, items, lists, etc. Highly recommend her.”

— Jay Scott, Scott Homes Inc.

“If you’re a contractor, run, don’t walk, to sign up for one of his (Joe’s) free strategy sessions. You get to learn from a guy who knows your industry like the back of his hand and you get to walk away with a couple of real world, actionable marketing strategies that you can use to start bringing in new leads this week.”

— Ed Stapleton, Jr.

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