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7 Job Cost Profit Boosters: JobTread + Info Plus

I recently saw a series of glowing reviews about JobTread in a trusted construction-related Facebook group.

Why this matters to you: Without exception, each comment spoke to its ease of use and how its features met the reviewer’s specific needs! (Many of the group’s reviewers had recently switched away from CoConstruct and BuilderTrend to JobTread software.)

When I reached out to JobTread’s Founder & CEO (Eric Fortenberry), I was delighted to discover that we had common views about the need for better tech, systems, and profitability. (Eric’s construction background, knowledge, insights, and software platform also impressed me.)

Watch this “7 Job Cost Profit Boosters” video with Eric (Discover why JobTread keeps getting those stellar reviews!)

Note: For the best view of the webinar, select “Full screen” mode (the “X” in the player bar). You can also click the gear icon to change the playback speed…

Click below to get the slide deck for this presentation:
7 Job Cost Profit Boosters with JobTread & Info Plus (PDF format)



Click this link to learn more about how JobTread integrates with QuickBooks desktop.