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The Needs Assessment: Mapping Your Route to Business Success

Company Owners, Bookkeepers, & Accountants!

Do you regularly find yourself wondering…

  • Why you’re not MORE PROFITABLE?
  • Why you can’t get job-cost reports that tell you how your projects are doing?
  • Why your company financial reports don’t make much sense?
  • Why your QuickBooks accounting system isn’t delivering more bang-for-the-buck?

Would You Like To?

  • See how the magic of Job-costing can help your company become dramatically more profitable?
  • Define the step-by-step path through QuickBooks that will yield your critical job-cost reports?
  • Finally(!) see company financial reports that are useful, accurate, and make sense?
  • Take full advantage of the extensive  management and profitability-enhancement tools hidden within QuickBooks?

Your “Needs Assessment" Provides:

  • An insightful, math-based Profit-Booster Analysis – established to help reveal common business profit leaks that may be hiding within your company
  • Thought-provoking survey questions  – designed to help you clearly define your company's current financial systems, controls, and future goals
  • Our "pre-game" scorecard – to test for structural weaknesses that need to be addressed within your current QuickBooks file
  • Three to four professional, collaborative meetings - so that we can obtain a deeper level of understanding about your current environment and future business goals.
  • A customized blueprint – to select the specific building blocks you (or your team) will use to create your most-desired job-cost and company management reports

What You Get:

Your Needs Assessment includes business advisory conferences with Diane Gilson where we will walk through:

  1. Your Needs Assessment Survey
    We discuss the information you provided to ensure that we understand your viewpoints and desired goals.
  2. Structural Scorecard
    will reveal your Scorecard results and share our insights about your QuickBooks file.
    (NOTE: If you are new to QuickBooks, we will discuss your current internal reports.)
  3. Roadmap Job-Cost Planning Service
    We use our Job-Cost Planning tool to help you select and prioritize your next steps forward. We work together to:
    • Identify potential actions to implement your job-cost system
    • Discuss training and resources to help get you started
    • Provide you with a customized Roadmap to continue your job-cost journey
  4. BONUS: Profit-Booster Calculations
    Based on the information you provide, we will have computed, and will reveal, your hidden profit potential.
  5. Takeaways - You will receive the following (confidential) documentation
    • Your updated Needs Assessment Survey including our supplemental Notes
    • Your Structural Scorecard and related comments
    • Your Roadmap Job-Cost Planning document
    • Your Profit-Booster Analyzer results
    • At your request, we will also provide a recording of our meeting for future reference

For further information about this customized service package,
please call us at 734-544-7620 (9-5 Eastern, M-F)

Meet the Creator of the “Needs Assessment"

Diane Gilson - QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor

In addition to being an award-winning Accountant and QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor, Diane Gilson has taught, coached, and advised thousands of QuickBooks users in the construction industry.

In this program, Diane combines her 30+ years of accounting experience (including 15 years as a CPA) with her passion for job costing. Helping company owners, accountants and bookkeepers drive more profits through job-costing and better financial management has been the heart and soul of her business for more than 20 years.