Job Cost & Construction Accounting Resources

Use these resources to maximize your profitability!

Diane Gilson and Daryl Urbanski-Bulletproof Accounting

53 Minutes

Bulletproof Accounting for Long Term Business Survival

Diane and Daryl Urbanski explore how small and medium-sized business owners – especially NEW business owners – can leapfrog the competition and thrive using proven “success habits”.

Benefits: Diane reveals some simple start-up and accounting-system tips in this podcast that can result in impressive business results.

Before you sign - Pre-Construction Contracts and Agreements

50 Minutes

Before You Sign: Pre-Construction Contracts and Agreements

Diane and Michael Stone (Construction Programs & Results, Inc. and reveal practical tips and proven strategies about pre-construction contracts and agreements.

Benefits: When you know (and use) these, you dramatically increase the success of your construction project even before you commit to taking on a job.

Conquer Construction Chaos webinar with ECI and BuildYourNumbers

54 Minutes

Conquer Construction Chaos: 3 Innovative Options

Diane Gilson and her special guest, Bob Cain (Business Unit Leader, BuildTools), offer expert insights into three cutting-edge software solutions tailored for the construction sector.

Benefits: You’ll discover how to Conquer Construction Chaos using three cutting-edge software solutions (ECI BuildTools, Bolt, and Thermogrid) that have been tailored for the construction sector.

QuickBooks Project Management Apps - Pro, Cons, and Insights

54 Minutes

Insights About QuickBooks Project Management Apps

Diane and Tom Houghton (Owner & Lead Consultant, Round Peg Solutions) share insights about the “Pros and Cons” of adding construction project management software to your (Desktop or Online) QuickBooks.

Benefits: You’ll get a new perspective on the inner workings of integrated project management apps (regardless of your level of QuickBooks expertise…).

Wave Goodbye to Manual Entry

55 Minutes

Reduce Time Spent on Accounts Payable

Diane and MakersHub founders, Charley Howe and Phong Ngo, show how you can reduce the time your company spends on accounts payable – by 90%!

Benefits: Reduce the time you spend on accounts payable, AND improve the accuracy of your books. Not only that, MakersHub works with your QuickBooks (Desktop or Online.)

Avoid the Gross Profit Rollercoaster

43 Minutes

Avoid the Gross Profit Rollercoaster

Diane and Dave Sullivan reveal why businesses get stuck on a “Gross Profit Rollercoaster” (and what to do to eliminate those nerve-wracking ups and downs!)

Benefits: Pricing your work correctly means your business can become more profitable more quickly.

55 Minutes

Payroll Profit Leaks – How to Avoid and “Repair” Them

Diane and her panelists from busybusy discuss how you can avoid those “losing-money-without-realizing-it” payroll profit leaks using innovative (and easy-to-use) technology.

Benefits: Reveal, reduce, and repair some invisible (but costly!) payroll profit leaks that can cause your company to lose a LOT of money

Revolutionize Your Hiring Process

55 Minutes

Using AI to Revolutionize Your Hiring Process

Diane and Justin (of Contractor Staffing Source) demo how YOU can “remodel” your hiring process to effortlessly identify the most qualified job candidates for your business.

Benefits: Save precious time (and eliminate frustration!) so you can effortlessly identify the most qualified candidates for YOUR team.

Cloud Hosting with QuickBooks Desktop

55 Minutes

Real Life “Cloud Tech” with QuickBooks Desktop

Diane does a live demo with Jake Reeves (of Summit Hosting) to show how ‘cloud-hosting’ REALLY works for QuickBooks desktop. Find out why we’re impressed with Summit Hosting!

Benefits: See how you can set up your REAL LIFE hosting features as Diane shows how it looks and acts in real life. PLUS – get your questions answered about how hosting might work for YOUR company.

Demystifying Construction Business Finances

55 Minutes

Demystifying Construction Business Finances

Diane and Todd Miller (of the Construction Disruption podcast) reveal how construction owners like you can cut through the confusion and take control of your numbers!

Benefits: Discover why good numbers are so important, especially for small and mid-sized companies. Plus, you’ll hear Diane’s top financial tip for any small business owner!

Job costing is critical for construction companies

59 Minutes

Job Costing is Critical in Construction Companies

Diane and busybusy’s Bracken Anderson answer “what you really need to know” questions about time tracking and job costing – asked by attendees (just like you).

Benefits: When you understand what job costing is and how to get started with it, you’ll see how you can focus on your winning jobs. And that means more profits for you!

7 Job Cost Profit Boosters with JobTread & Info Plus - Video

58 Minutes

7 Job Cost Profit Boosters: JobTread + Info Plus

Eric Fortenberry (Founder & CEO of JobTread) and Diane team up to talk about JobTread, an end-to-end construction management software tool that can help owners best manage (and track) the MULTIPLE moving parts in a construction business.

Benefits: Get organized, complete your projects on time, and increase your profits!

Maximize your design and building profits

40 Minutes

Maximize Your Design and Building Profits

Diane interviews Dan Baumann (Chief Architect expert and founder of Chief Experts Academy), to reveal how you can maximize your design and building profits.

Benefits: See the BIG IDEAs behind design services and Chief Architect. (And learn some insider secrets that can help you maximize your design and building profits!)

1:14 Minutes

Maximize Your Profits with QuickBooks

Learn how to easily use QuickBooks management reports to transform your company. You’ll see how to view your profitability through QuickBooks Estimates, Job Costing and Variance Reports.

Benefits: Increased profitability.

Save and make money with job costing

34 Minutes

Save and Make Money with Job Costing

Kyle Hunt (Business Coach for Remodelers) and Diane dive into specific examples that will inspire you to continue to improve your job costing. Hear why he thinks you need to be just as good at job costing as you are at doing your finished trim work.

Benefits: As Kyle says “Good job costing really makes you a better estimator, which is a huge benefit.”

54 Minutes

BuildTools: Tech, Productivity, and Profitabiliity for Builders

Bob Cain (Business Unit Leader, BuildTools) was a home builder just like you and he designed the BuildTools product to help you organize the chaos of construction! Watch as he and Diane pull back the curtain to share how it works.

Benefits: It integrates with QuickBooks to empower you to run a more efficient, successful, and profitable business!

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Divvy – Expense Management Made Simple

Divvy (now BILL Spend & Expense) is the FREE program/app where you can pay all of your bills and invoices right from the Divvy platform.

Benefits: Here are just a few of the great features you’ll get:
Automatic expense reporting
Budget the way your company spends
– Get money out to your team in seconds
– Use virtual credit cards

Contractor Staffing Source emblem

56 Minutes

Construction Labor Shortages: 6 Common Hiring Myths & Solutions

Ed Earl really delivers the goods in this webinar with Diane Gilson. They explore common perceptions (and misperceptions!) when it comes to finding and hiring qualified employees (especially within the construction industry).

Benefits: Increase your success when it’s time to find and hire qualified employees.

Relationship Strategies

45 Minutes

Attract Customers that Pay, Stay, and Refer

Kenny Harper (Business Growth Coach at Growth Amplifiers) helps you dive into how YOUR customers ‘experience’ your company so you can develop an authentic strategy with a focus on all aspects of your “customer’s journey.”

Benefits: Create predictable profitability, build customer trust, and achieve new levels of success for your company.

Stay in Touch Marketing

51 Minutes

A Clear Success Path for Your #1 Marketing Priority

Glimpse a more “zen” way to attract the RIGHT kinds of (profitable) leads into your life. Business Coach, Kyle Hunt, teams up with Diane to share a powerful, yet easy and effective ‘Success Path’ so you can focus and magnify your marketing impact!

Benefits: Maximize and automate your most valuable asset to make a huge difference in your lead-generation.

Builder Funnel Logo

53 Minutes

Effective Marketing Strategies – Is Your Marketing Keeping Up?

What are the “traditional, tried and true marketing methods”? And why AREN’T they working like they used to? Spencer Powell (CEO of BuilderFunnel and host of Builder Funnel Radio) digs into these questions and shows you the alternatives!

Benefits: Get the buyers you REALLY want and keep your future pipeline chock full of profitable work!

Construction Time and Cost

50 Minutes

Construction Time & Cost Tracking – Construction Owners’ Survival Tips

Isaac Barlow – busybusy CEO and construction business owner – combined his desire to find the right time tracking numbers with his background as a contractor and construction company owner to become a true innovator in construction industry technology.

Benefits: busybusy can help maximize the profitability and efficiency of your site crew and labor.>

Summit Hosting and Info Plus

54 Minutes

Summit Hosting for QuickBooks Desktop: 9 Reasons to Move your QuickBooks Desktop to the Cloud

It might sound too good to be true, but… YES, you CAN ‘Cloud-ify’ Pro, Premier, or Enterprise Desktop! Jake Reeves and Diane Gilson reveal secrets you should know about moving your QuickBooks desktop company files to the Cloud.

Benefits: It really IS possible to have ‘anytime, anywhere’ access for your QuickBooks desktop company file!

Bad numbers

44 Minutes

Appearing Profitable While Still Losing Money Podcast

Many contractors who look profitable on paper are actually losing money. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon in the construction industry. Learn why business owners need to tell what “true costs” are as a project is underway, not after.

Benefits: Quickly identify jobs that are “winners vs. losers.”

45 Minutes

QB Desktop Reports: What You CAN & CAN’T Get… and What To Do About It

Angela Meharg of Datisfy, Inc. and Diane dig into what you can do to convert your underlying ‘buried’ data into critical management INFORMATION.

Benefits: Transform your company to run more effectively, efficiently, and profitably with reporting secrets that you never knew before!

Profit By Design Logo

47 Minutes

How to Use Job Costing to Increase Your Profits

This “Profit by Design” podcast is a gold mine! Listen – and unearth – the nuggets of information YOU can use to become a more profitable and effective business owner. Get an inside look at how to design a business that supports the lifestyle you desire.

Benefits: Keep more of the money you make!

Firm of the Future

8 pages

How to Provide Nice Services for Construction Clients

From Intuit’s Firm of the Future site: Check out my article in their #RecipeforSuccess series. Get the ingredients to my #RecipeforSuccess on how to provide the best possible niche services for construction clients. Join the conversation on Twitter: #RecipeforSuccess

Benefits: Learn the key ingredients and steps for construction companies to achieve success.

busybusy logo

41 Minutes

Increase Profits With Job Costing and busybusy

Diane and busybusy’s Bracken Anderson (Business Development) highlight why job costing is a major game-changer for ALL construction businesses and show you some of the magic that happens when you use it.

Benefits: Job costing will help you spot and eliminate loser jobs, so you can then focus on your winning jobs. And that means more profits for you!

Business Innovators Radio

31 Minutes

Helping Construction and Manufacturing Companies Grow More Profitable

Access to reliable, accurate job cost and management reports can be a struggle for most construction and manufacturing companies. During this podcast, Diane discusses how setting up an internal job-cost and reporting system can make dramatic changes to business profitability!

Benefits: Discover Misconceptions About Business Profitability

Podcasting microphone

39 Minutes

Get Your Financial House in Order – COVID-19 & Your Business

A primary rule of business survival: DON’T run out of cash! If you’re a construction business owner in this Covid-19 economic environment, will your business survive these huge changes? Dave Sullivan (The Roofers Show) and Diane share their thoughts about which numbers you should be tracking (closely!) …

Benefits: A creative, realistic look at cash flow and potential options within rapidly-evolving government programs.

studio microphone with a podcast icon

48 Minutes

How To Set Up Your Financials The Easy Way

To run a profitable roofing business, you have to understand the basics of accounting and the basics of setting up your financial system. Find out how understanding your accounting system and making few proactive updates can lead to increased profitability.

Benefits: How to keep your Chart of Accounts simple!

Many Faces of Job Costing

35 Minutes

The Many Faces of Job Costing Podcast

Job-costing can take on many forms based on business needs. For many construction businesses, it is essential to create the type of reports that will guide construction business owners to better decisions and higher profits.

Benefits: Find out how job-costing can improve your business decisions.

Home Podcast Studio

48 Minutes

Increase Your Profit With Effective Job Costing Reports

Way too many business owners just aren’t making the profits they should! In order to do so, you need to customize your accounting system so you can make the calls you need to. Learn which jobs are making money, which jobs are losing money, and what to do about it.

Benefits: Make more money with better analytics.

49 Minutes

How To Calculate Your True Labor Burden

You’d be surprised how much money most contractors are missing out on because they are not using their true labor burden before markup. In this podcast, we use a free tool to determine all the hidden costs that you need to include in your true labor cost to make your expected profit.

Benefits: Free Employee Labor Calculator

1 Hour 12 Minutes

Calculating & Controlling the Cost of Chaos

Having issues holding employees accountable for reducing errors and meeting goals? From our “Better Numbers Better Business” series, this webinar provides some insight into how to convey specific goals to employees for jobs and tasks and how to measure the results.

Benefits: Get more value out of every employee.

58 Minutes

Increase Your Gross Profits and Close More Sales

Need some help reorganizing your chart of accounts? Learn how your accounts need to be organized in a way that shows income, cost of goods sold, and company overhead. Get the right information by creating account headers, groups, subtotals, and adding percentages.

Benefit: Get better, more usable information from your reporting.

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QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is specially designed to help you get accurate job cost reports. And because we are QuickBooks Solution Providers, we can help you order directly through Info Plus Accounting.

Benefits: QuickBooks can help you get accurate job cost reports and we’ll get you set up with the right version.

Who Done It

6 Minutes

Who Done It?

If you’ve ever wondered how to figure out who made an entry in QuickBooks and on which date, this video is the one for you! A little detective work can get you the background information you need within your accounting system.

Benefits: Get more detail out of your QuickBooks transactions and reports.

10 Minutes

Above vs. Below the Line Markups

Find out the most optimal arrangement for your chart of accounts by watching this short video. A few changes can have a drastic impact on your gross profit percentage.

Benefits: Get more accurate reporting by modifying your chart of accounts.

Where is the Money I Made

9 Minutes

Where is the Money I Made?

Have you ever wondered why your bank accounts don’t reflect the profit you see in your financial statements? You can utilize a few reports in QuickBooks to help you figure out why your ending cash balance differs from your profits.

Benefits: See exactly how profits track through to your current cash position.

Use QuickBooks Items to Measure Financial Success

8 Pages

QuickBooks Items: The Secret to QuickBooks Job Costing

QuickBooks items allow construction businesses to track, report on, and ultimately get the financial detail they need on all of their jobs. Simplify your accounting and bookkeeping, save time and money, and get the reporting you need to run a more profitable business.

Benefits: Create the most effective items list for your construction company.

13 Pages

QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop – Job Cost Features

QuickBooks Online has its advantages and disadvantages compared to Desktop. Explore why construction, manufacturing and service business may want to stay away from moving to the cloud (for the time being).

Benefits: Find the version of QuickBooks that’s right for your company.

Tale of 4 Companies

41 Pages

A Tale of 4 Companies: A Job Cost & Gross-Profit Percentage Drama

Failing to plan, track and monitor key financial results can seriously impact a company’s financial future. This story is designed to show how different companies handle their numbers and operations.

Benefits: Quickly identify the right and wrong ways to run a construction business.

Achieving Profitable Returns on Employee Labor

57 Minutes

Achieving Profitable Returns on Employee Labor

Why you should care about your true costs of labor? If you’re not sure, take a peek at this webinar to explain how to price labor to get the gross profit percentage and dollars you need. Learn why you should track true labor costs for each and every job.

Benefits: More accurately calculate labor costs on each job.

Retro microphone - audio broadcast

39 Minutes

9 Secrets to Maximizing & Managing Your Gross Profits

Are you entering detailed cost estimates into QuickBooks? The results can help you improve internal procedures, create more accurate future estimates, and track which types of jobs are more profitable than others.

Benefits: Get better, more usable information from your reporting.

Radio station hosting show live in Studio

44 Minutes

9 The Roofer Show: The Cost of Chaos Podcast

If you’ve ever wondered how making a few changes could reduce cost and increase your income, this is a great resource to explore. Find out how to implement changes to improve your bottom line. There are an additional 56 benefits to being in control of your numbers.

Benefits: Improve your bottom line.

Employee Retention Credit – Free Evaluation

43 Minutes

Employee Retention Credit – Free Evaluation

If you continued to employ workers during the pandemic and you haven’t yet filed to claim your Employee Retention Credit (ERC), you could still be eligible for up to $26,000 in cash per employee!

Benefits: See how you can get a free ERC evaluation that could be worth a significant amount of money! (And there’s no cost to you to find out if you qualify for this credit.)

1 Hour 20 Minutes

QuickBooks + Co-Construct Integration

Get your staff in the field and in the office on the same page! Learn how QuickBooks and CoConstruct can be structured to use a “NED2 (Never Enter Data Twice)” approach to create useful, and critical, job-cost reports.

Benefits: Save time and money.

51 Minutes

QuickBooks + built (formerly

Need to gain more financial control over each and every job? Learn how QuickBooks + built (formerly can be integrated to provide critical job costing information and speedier cash flow.

Benefits: Improve your cash flow.