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QuickBooks + CoConstruct Integration

Here’s a video that shows how QuickBooks and CoConstruct can be structured to use a “NED2 (Never Enter Data Twice)” approach to create useful, and critical, job-cost reports.

The Goal?

  • For your staff in the field: To be able to easily access – and see – CoConstruct reports that show materials, contracted labor, and other job costs in an “Estimated vs. Actual” format.

  • For owners, managers, and office staff: To be able to easily access – and see – QuickBooks “Estimated vs. Actual” reports that include all of the above as well as (if you have employees) estimated vs. actual payroll costs for each job.

Note: At the bottom of the video, if you click on the HD letters and select “1080p” the video will be very crisp and clear. Then you can also select “Full screen” mode to be able to get the best view of the reports…

Free Bonuses (Save to your computer)

Slide deck: CoConstruct+QuickBooks-Mobilize Field Ops-Streamline Job Costs (.pdf format)


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  • If you’d like additional insights about QuickBooks – or further assistance with your QuickBooks + CoConstruct integration: Contact us at 734-544-7620 (9-5 Eastern, M-F)