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QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and Advice

As an authorized Intuit QuickBooks Solution Provider and Reseller, we have over 25 years of experience helping thousands of clients build their businesses through effective usage of accounting software.

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Insights and expertise regarding QuickBooks Enterprise software

Whether you’re upgrading from Pro or Premier to Enterprise or switching from another accounting system, as QuickBooks Solution Providers and Authorized Resellers, we are constantly updated about the most current features and updates.

Because we want to be sure that you have the ‘right software fit,’ you can easily set an appointment with us to discuss your specific situation and needs.

We can help you get the right fit for:

  • Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

    1 to 10-user or up to 40-user versions.

  • Add ‘seats’ (licenses) to your current Enterprise software

    Move up from 3 to 4 users, from 5 to 7 Users, or from 10 to 30 users.  Let us know what you’re looking to do, and we’ll help you make the changes you want to make.

  • Regular or Advanced Inventory Options

    Advanced provides many additional inventory features you will definitely want to know about.

  • Unlimited Enterprise-level tech support…

    Automatic annual tech support through QuickBook’s technical support team.

  • Automatic annual upgrades…

    To the latest version of Enterprise software.

  • Online Backup Data Storage

    Securely protect your data at no additional cost!

To obtain these benefits and a complimentary quote, please contact us directly at 734-544-7620 (9-5 Eastern, M-F).

How much does QuickBooks Enterprise cost?

Additional add-ons available with QuickBooks Enterprise:

In addition to its fully-featured standard package, QuickBooks Enterprise offers multiple other options. We can help you understand and make decisions as to whether any of these are appropriate for your business setup:

QuickBooks Payroll Solutions and QuickBooks Payment Solutions

Be sure to ask us for insights (and quotes) on these two integrated QuickBooks “plug-ins”:

    • QuickBooks Payroll Solutions
      If you want to job-cost your payroll and payroll taxes, we can help you determine which version will be the best fit for your company.
    • QuickBooks Payment Solutions
      E.g., process credit cards in QuickBooks, accept credit card payments with your mobile phone or through your website, and/or let customers pay by phone with eChecks.

Intuit Field Service Management

Do you perform service, installation, and repair work?

For example, is your business in HVAC, plumbing, garage doors, electrical, roofing, landscaping, etc.?

If so, be sure to ask us about the Intuit Field Service Management service! With IFSM, you can schedule and dispatch work orders, track status, capture customer equipment service history, create invoices, take payments, and capture signatures out in the field.

Intuit Field Service Management also provides two additional (optional) modules:

  • Time Card

    Streamlines time collection and payroll processing.

  • Recurring Work Orders

    The ‘Service Agreements’ module schedules recurring work orders (such as seasonal preventive maintenance visits).

QuickBooks Online (QBO) Software and Services

Want help and insights on your decisions and choices as you invest in one of the various versions of QuickBooks?

Contact us now at 734-544-7620 (9-5 Eastern, M-F). We look forward to helping you!