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Diane Gilson

President, Info Plus(+) Accounting®

Diane Gilson’s passion is designing, customizing, and upgrading accounting systems for small to mid-sized construction and manufacturing companies.

She loves a challenge and specializes in helping clients turn financial chaos into clarity and profitability.  Diane doesn’t believe any accounting topic is too complicated for her clients to understand and implement.  As a result, she successfully teaches all levels of technique in her online workshops and one-on-one business advisory services.

As a published author, speaker, and professional QuickBooks trainer with over 30 years of accounting experience, she is viewed as a leader in her fields of expertise.

Info Plus(+) Accounting®

In 1994, Diane created Info Plus(+) Accounting® to help business owners establish job-cost accounting systems so they can access critical day-to-day operations data using QuickBooks as their primary management accounting tool. Her online workshops offer job-cost and management accounting training using QuickBooks and Intuit Enterprise Solutions, as well as in-house products, to teach, troubleshoot, and coach clients and other accounting professionals throughout the United States.

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Professional Experience

Diane brings more than 30 years of professional accounting experience to her QuickBooks business advisor practice.   After beginning her career as a licensed CPA for a regional firm, she spent 14 years at Great Lakes Bankcorp, first as an internal auditing manager, then as a management accounting manager, where she established bank-wide planning, goal-setting, budget processing, accountability reporting, and activity-based cost-profitability measurement systems.


  • Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor (per Intuit, only 2% of all ProAdvisors are Advanced Certified)
  • QuickBooks Enterprise ProAdvisor (per Intuit, only 4% of all ProAdvisors are Enterprise Certified)
  • QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor (Intuit)
  • Taught Business Accounting and Job-Cost and Financial Management for the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) University of Housing

Recent Awards (from Insightful Accountant)

Developer & Author

Nationally Published Articles

Service Activities

  • NARI National Member (3 years)
  • NAHB National Board of Directors (4 years)
  • MAHB State Audit Committee (4 years)
  • Treasurer ‐ Builders & Remodelers Association of Greater Ann Arbor (10 years)
  • Treasurer ‐ Local Remodeler Council (2 years)
  • Distinguished Service to the Building Industry (Builders & Remodelers Association of Greater Ann Arbor)
  • Associate of the Year (Builders & Remodelers Association of Greater Ann Arbor)

Speaking Engagements

Diane’s accounting expertise and industry experience have earned her a variety of speaking engagements, including the Michigan Association of CPAs, the Contractors’ Assistance Program (CAP), the National Remodel America  Show (NARI), the Dwyer Group, Midwest Builders’ Shows, Custom Builders Symposium, National Remodelers’ Shows, International Builders’ Show and other national, regional, and local construction shows and training seminars.

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Client Reviews

  • See below – From Intuit ProAdvisor Client Reviews Site
  • 62 Total Reviews (as of March 2024)

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Client Reviews – OVERALL RATING  4.9

Diane is the ‘Real Deal’ – March 25, 2024

“Diane & her team take a no nonsense approach & get right to the point of how to get your QuickBooks set up correctly & operating efficiently. Diane has so much experience with all sizes of business & we received her help with our multimillion dollar construction company. She came to us with the highest recommendation & I can’t express how much she helped us dial our numbers in & make us even more profitable than we already were. Do yourself & your company a favor & listen to what she can do for you. After receiving her help, we were working so much smarter knowing our numbers inside & out.”

Info Plus is a MUST! – November 16, 2023

“Diane and her team are terrific to work with and are quick to respond. Diane seems to have the answers to all of my QuickBooks questions!”

Very knowledgable – July 31, 2023

“Diane is very knowledgeable in accounting and does a great job explaining or helping us find information specific to our industry.”

Excellent knowledge and help – November 1, 2022

“Diane and team have been wonderful to work with. We have been using their online coursework, which is invaluable. I also reached out personally to ask how to adjust certain QuickBooks settings, and Diane responded quickly. She asked the right questions and provided the answers we needed. Thanks again Diane!”

You Need Info Plus and Diane Gilson! – October 17, 2022

“Diane and her team have been invaluable to our growing business! We needed to capture specific job costing, along with adding an in-depth massive inventory program switching from QBO back to QBE- Diane was so willing to work with us!! She is patient and super knowledgeable in QuickBooks and knows all the tips and tricks to make your accounting more efficient and accurate! Love working with her and her team!”

Quickbooks Transition – May 2, 2022

“Diane was fantastic to work with. They have [been] extremely helpful as we transitioned into Quickbooks. I can not recommend them enough.”

Diane and the staff are all very knowledgeable. – March 20, 2022

“Diane and the whole staff at InfoPlus are very accessible. The CAMP information is extremely helpful and when I can’t find the answers there, the monthly VIP sessions easily take care of the rest of my questions. Diane is extremely helpful with the nuances of QuickBooks.”

Diane makes it easy to do business with – Oct 18, 2021

“We initially engaged with Info Plus when we transitioned from Buildsoft Accounting & Job Costing to QuickBooks. We became a consulting client in 2019 to set up QuickBooks for better job costing. Their CAMP program made it easy to continue our education/knowledge of job costing with QuickBooks (we were a subscriber for 13 months). A year later, I was in a panic to open a year-end report and needed to retrieve a password somehow. I emailed Diane for help with this. She and her team responded quickly and were knowledgeable on how to do this!”

Best QuickBook Training – Aug 11, 2021

“The training Diane does in CAMP is the best I have found. I have worked in QuickBooks for 20 years and she still taught me how to use QB better. I specifically liked how she explains how QB works in the background and how all the lists and information entered work together. The response time was quick when I had a question and help was provided beyond what was expected.”

Wealth of knowledge – Aug 9, 2021

“Wonderful company to work with. Amazing helpful and courteous staff. Diane is a wealth of QuickBooks knowledge, she is a great teacher that is specific to your needs. The webinars are great, the personal help is what sold me. Highly recommend.”

Practical accounting lessons even I can learn – May 19, 2021

“I’ve been looking for someone who could teach me practical accounting methods and best practices for our business so I didn’t have to hire a bookkeeper. Diane and her staff are easy to talk to, work with and learn from. The consulting calls are incredibly beneficial and the video lessons are a wealth of information – there for me whenever I need them. This has the investment I needed to make for me and our business!”

Initial Setup & Cost accounting – April 23, 2021

“Diane and her team know the ins and outs of setting up and migrating to QuickBooks. Moving from an existing program is like working on the engine while it is still running. I searched for a company that really understood cost accounting and inventory and found it in InfoPlus. They have the level of understanding and detail that I was searching for. Cost accounting is all about detail and planning and Diane offered various approaches that allowed us to setup our systems in a common sense way that prepared us for growth. They provided a detailed scope and timeline, worked with our schedule, provided recordings of our meetings to allow for review and future training. She is also a trusted source for me when it comes to associated software and integrations. She will provide clear feedback and offers many resources for resolving problems that we have encountered as we continue to grow. Her experience and expertise has been a welcome addition that our team can rely on.”

 Quick & Easy – April 14, 2021

“We have used Diane for years whenever we have had trouble with our QuickBooks, or whenever I needed training in QuickBooks. Diane knows this software probably better then the back of her hand! In fact, we started calling her our QuickBooks Guru! The other day I ran into a problem in QuickBooks where my guy’s labor wasn’t showing up in the job reports, I tried everything to figure it out. I spent almost 4 hours on the phone with QuickBooks Payroll. I was so frustrated I scheduled an appointment with Diane. Diane was able to help me figure out what was going on in 12 minutes!!! I highly recommend Info Plus Accounting!”

 Knowledgeable – August 25, 2020

“Diane and her office staff are very knowledgeable. They’ve been a great help finding the right QuickBooks for us, the install and bookkeeping. Always available quickly and helpful.”

 Knowledgeable – August 25, 2020

“Diane and her office staff are very knowledgeable. They’ve been a great help finding the right QuickBooks for us, the install and bookkeeping. Always available quickly and helpful.”

A Life Saver – August 22, 2018

“I have been working with Diane for over a year and each session I learn something new. She has assisted us in improving our item list, chart of accounts, job costing, reports and month end closing. She truly understands the remodeling industry and the types of financial information we need to be successful.”

The Ultimate Expert – Look no further – August 20, 2018

“Diane is the expert of experts. I wouldn’t go anywhere else and feel that I found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. I am well-taken care and so much of my business and financial reporting has been simplified by my work with Diane, There’s been a number of times where we would find double entries that I would have never noticed had I not set up things the way she suggested. Diane did a 35 point check-up on my books and developed a long-range plan that resulted in a set of books that I can cost account, pay commissions, and accurately understand my bottom line. We once audited my Worker’s Comp policy and we discovered they charged me for a period that this particular company hadn’t even covered me for. I was able to get $4,500 back. That was actually money earned back! We don’t make those mistakes anymore because we have way better, tighter controls. And we are much more protected from fraud and embezzlement. I save money when I work with Diane. I think the most critical thing she provides to small businesses is the controller and expert level when you can’t necessarily afford to hire an in-house controller.”

 QuickBooks – June 6, 2017

“I like Diane’s approach. No wasted time. She listens, she talks. After weeks of me working through issues, this really helped to polish things up. Highly recommended! Thank you!”

 Consultation around Quickbooks Enterprise – November 16, 2016

“At the time, our organization was considering (and later did) implement QuickBooks Enterprise. Diane was able to give us a good overview of this product, including any difficulties which we might expect to receive. She was very professional and respectful of our time. Our experience was very positive.”

 Helped us with Quickbooks Accounting set-up – November 12, 2016

“Diane was great, very quick to get to the bottom of the troubles we were having on our QB’s balance sheets. Entirely positive experience working with her.”

 Helped us determine the best way to do inventory and cleaned up the system – October 20, 2016

“We were having trouble using QuickBooks to keep an accurate inventory and were rather new to QuickBooks, so we took to the internet to find help. Diane was one of the first options to appear and she was in our area so we set up a day to meet. Diane helped us simplify the inventory system, and very clearly knows the true power of QuickBooks. Just through watching her navigate the system, we have picked up useful information.”

 General Accounting Consultation and Quickbooks Software – October 20, 2016

“My experience with Diane has been great. Anything I have gotten from her has been first class in every way. As a business owner, it’s nice to know you have a trusted professional a call or an email away.”

 QuickBooks and accounting support – October 12, 2016

“I’ve known Diane for almost 20 years. She helped me set QuickBooks up when I first started my business in 1997, and I have consulted with her many times since with questions. I’ve always found Diane to be positive and helpful. She is willing to spend as much or as little time as I need to solve a problem or answer a question. I recommend Diane and her staff at Info Plus Accounting wholeheartedly!”

 QuickBooks Consulting – October 11, 2016

“Diane is always very prompt, professional, knowledgeable, personable, friendly and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her all of your QuickBooks consulting needs.”

 Quickbooks consulting – September 09, 2016

“We contacted Diane regarding some industry-specific needs. She did a fantastic job of listening to our needs and then crafting accounts and memorized transactions to help us accomplish what we needed. We’re a small company and time is super important. She has great expertise that will save you time (and money) and make your QB system work most effectively for you. Worth noting that we had been working with our accounting group before reaching out to Diane and were still not smooth with the transactions and reports we needed. They were impressed with how Diane resolved the issues for us. It would have cost less to have used her from the start.”

 QB SUPPORT – September 08, 2016

“Very happy with entire experience. Very professional and solved our issue in a timely manner.”

 Purchased products and consulting services – September 07, 2016

“Diane is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I am extremely satisfied with all of the products and services I’ve received from her and I highly recommend her to any other small construction businesses. She has helped me better understand how to utilize and navigate QuickBooks.”

 Quick Books Inventory and Sales Organization processes – September 06, 2016

“Diane has provided incredible insight to the processes we created. She gave critical guidance that assisted our CPA as well as our procurement and accounting team. Diane would receive a rating of 5+++++++. Tremendous asset to our company.”

 Restructured QB to achieve desired job costing capabilities – August 19, 2016

“The task of restructuring and customizing our QB file seemed overwhelming. I’m happy to report that it turned out to be an extremely enlightening experience. After Diane’s comprehensive assessment of our QB file, we were off and running. Action plan in hand, we tackled rebuilding our COA and setting up items for job costing and payroll purposes. Our sessions were very productive. Diane’s QB expertise and attention to detail, not to mention her impressive accounting background, allowed us to establish an ideal setup complete with professional-looking forms and reports that are customized to our specific job costing needs. I was impressed by her vast experience with and knowledge of the Contractors Edition of QB. She was able to help us get over various hurdles to deliver the desired results. There wasn’t anything she was unable to handle. She was punctual, professional and patient. I’m so grateful to have crossed paths with Diane Gilson and her staff at Info Plus+ Accounting. It is very reassuring knowing that she is only a phone call away. I’m looking forward to future work with her as well as continued viewing of her very educational training videos. I highly recommend her as a QB ProAdvisor. Her work is outstanding!”

 Business consulting & QuickBooks – August 11, 2016 –

“Diane’s knowledge of QuickBooks is amazing. I don’t profess to have an in-depth understanding of QuickBooks but when I talk with Diane, I quickly realize I don’t even scratch the surface. She has the ability & experience to quickly cut to the chase on fixing issues or setting up reports, estimates, items, lists, etc. Highly recommend her.”

 QuickBooks Setup and Refinement – August 10, 2016

“We have a multi-state, multi-entity business that has grown to be 10x its original size in 5 years. Revenue is now in excess of $11m. When we migrated to quickbooks, Diane guided us through the process and was instrumental in the successful implementation by our accounting staff. As we took on the advance inventory functions, including 50 storehouses (trucks) and six bricks and motor warehouses she help us configure things properly and that enabled us to get control of a fast turning inventory. Diane has been a reliable expert resource for all things QuickBooks. Her answers and processes are accurate and we trust her implicitly.”

 QB Technical Support – August 02, 2016

“On several occasions, Diane has provided webinar services for us in the areas of job costing and GL setup. Her knowledge in all areas we discussed was excellent and the webinars guided us in setting up QB to give very accurate and complete job cost reports. I highly recommend her services.”

 Quickbooks Consulting – July 15, 2016

“Diane has been our go-to Quickbooks consultant for years. We consider her the top expert in the nation for the home building industry.”

 Diane is thorough – July 14, 2016

“Diane is thorough and reliable. I appreciate her expertise in accounting in residential home building. She is very pleasant to work with and always has a positive attitude.

 Consulting services for Quickbooks – June 03, 2016

“We are a small CPA firm that uses Diane as our QuickBooks expert. She has worked with us and our clients in answering questions and solving problems that we couldn’t handle ourselves. We have a number of job cost clients and use her suggestions and direct help in setting up and working with their accounting systems. She knows the right way to handle job costing in QB. Diane is great to work with and responds quickly to our needs.”



 Set Up of Business Using QB – June 01, 2016

“Very knowledgeable, efficient, professional, and pleasant.”

 Good accounting leads – May 17, 2016

“Good accounting leads to a good bottom line. We have Diane to thank for helping us manage and improve our numbers.”

 Quickbooks – May 03, 2016

“It has been a great experience working with Diane, I was a Peachtree user for over 15 years and she made the transition over to QuickBooks very easy. In working with Diane, I actually enjoy QuickBooks now and if I get in a situation that I don’t understand something I can call her office or send her an email and she is ready to respond. Diane is highly recommended!

 Accounting advice and implementation – April 29, 2016

“I have had the pleasure of working with Diane Gilson since 1994. She has provided outstanding advice and guidance in implementing Quickbooks accounting systems for my residential construction business. In addition, Diane also implemented Quickbooks for two non-profit organizations for which I am /was the Treasurer. Working with Info Plus Accounting has been efficient and cost effective. Response time for issues and problems that arise from time to time have been outstanding. I cannot give praise enough for Diane being an outstanding partner.”

 Quickbooks Re-design – March 23, 2016

Diane is helping us re-design our QuickBooks architecture and troubleshoot the existing setup. It was set up in a way that was not optimal for our home building business, and did not provide all of the information, or correct information, we needed to make decisions. She understands our industry and has deep knowledge of accounting practices and Quickbooks setup for contractors. She is professional, prepared, and a delight to work with. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”

 QuickBooks change-over consulting and Job costing – March 21, 2016

“Diane was very prompt and punctual on our web and phone calls. We had to design a whole new QB architecture which she guided us through by phone and web, much harder than in person but she got it done very efficiently. Our system is now working as it should, especially the job costing portion which we required heavy modification of. Very creative in her use of QB to overcome some specialty items that were of an Industry not familiar to her.”

 Quick Books troubleshooting – March 14, 2016

“Diane is top notch when it comes to QuickBooks. She has an amazing ability to hone right into the problem. I am continually amazed at the way we/she can work so effectively remotely. I met Diane at the Remodeler’s show about 10 years ago and she has been my go to person ever since then. Her systems and wwell-trainedstaff make it so easy to schedule meetings. She can be and is very accommodating on time as well, sometimes even weekends. Top notch 5 stars across the board”

 Diane has been – February 19, 2016

“Diane has been a great asset for fine-tuning my QuickBooks for management accounting and reporting. She is very thorough and works hard to make sure I understand the reasoning for her changes to my accounting. Great job Dianne – I look forward to continuing the improvement to my reports!

 redesigning our whole accounting system – February 18, 2016

“We have been working with Diane since last summer and continue to have ongoing training several times a month for staff. we needed to ramp our reporting system (mainly job cost) for over 30 different companies. We appreciate the hand holding that has been and continues to be required as we make this transition. Diane’s expertise and command of QBE and QB is excellent. We will continue to use her services.”

 Account organization, job costing, budgeting, overall consultation – December 17, 2015

“Diane is a pleasure to work with. She’s committed to my success and has a mastery of how to blend accounting principles with Quickbooks capabilities to address our main needs. The work we have done together has been instrumental in transitioning our company out of a start-up phase into more of an established, growth phase. She tailored her approach to fit our business by listening to how we do what we do, and I now have everything in place to “keep score” and measure profitability more precisely.”

 Developed import solution – December 16, 2015

“Diane assisted us in creating a solution to import credit card transaction activity from third party file. This was not just for us, but a large group of our customers that are QuickBooks users. Diane’s instinct on best practices was terrific. She interfaced extremely well with our customer. She assisted in drafting a users guide to the function. During the process Diane was reliable, responsive, efficient with our time and professional the whole way. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the engagement.”

 QB set up to enable job costing and clear reporting – December 09, 2015

“I have had Diane address the most challenging of accounting problems that I face as a small business owner. Her grasp of the issue at hand is almost immediate and her collaborative approach makes arriving at elegant and relevant solutions almost inevitable!”

 Job cost assistance – December 02, 2015

“We have used Diane Gilson as a resource for job cost specific and general QuickBooks applications. She is a great resource and has provided useful advice re structure, what to do first, how to modify reports for specific uses, etc. Her responses have been timely and to the point. There is no doubt that we will use her in the future.”

 Quick Books start up – December 02, 2015

“Diane and her staff were invaluable when we switched to Quick Books. She is very knowledgeable and thorough in her training processes. We truly lucked out when we hired Info Plus as our ProAdvisor!”

 Upgrading to Enterprise and Starting up a Purchase Order system – November 30, 2015

“Diane guided us through the conversion to the QB Enterprise version. She is very good at explaining multiple ways to find reports or do tasks, and has a ton of patience. She is always very nice and open to all questions big or small. She loves figuring things out so there is nothing she will not investigate.”

 Conversion of Accounting System – November 25, 2015

“Diane’s knowledge and experience made our changeover to QuickBooks Enterprise a much smoother transition than we had imagined. Our situation did not include project accounting but required strong accounting and knowledge when working with multi-currency. Diane was able to come up with creative solutions to various scenarios we run into. Diane is very knowledgeable, not just about QuickBooks, but with accounting principles, practices and compliance. All of our conversion work was completed remotely and in such a professional and timely manner it was as if Diane was with us at our location. We recommend Diane’s services with no hesitation, whatsoever.”

 Initial setup and Monthly QuickBooks checkup – November 24, 2015

“We have worked with Diane since 2007 when we installed QuickBooks as our accounting system. She has walked us through set-up, taught us how to use QB and does monthly followup to make sure everything is going as it should. We are a manufacturing company with inventory and we also do our own payroll. We have given Diane numerous problems to solve and she has figured them out in no time. She is very personable, reliable and easy to work with and I look forward to working with her every month.”

 Helping Organize Booking for OnLine Business – November 24, 2015

“Diane is VERY knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Was able to help in teaching me about Quickbooks. I would HIGHLY recommend.”

 I have worked – November 21, 2015

“I have worked with Diane for over 10 years and she is always able to solve any problem that I throw at her. We have multiple businesses and she shows expertise in residential home building and apartment rental properties. She is creative in making sure that my books are done correctly and in a way that I understand and is helpful for me to manage my businesses. I enjoy working with her.”

 Pro Advisor – November 17, 2015

“Quick to respond and will work around your schedule within reason. Diane was great for both cleaning up accounting errors/mis-categorization of accounts in my file. She is also skilled with setting up Quickbooks to optimize reporting for your specific company and industry. Overall it has been pleasure working with Diane and her staff.”

 Chart of Accounts, Financial Reports – June 09, 2009

“Diane is a QB wizard! She has helped me a lot. My C of Accounts was not set up correctly, I wasn’t doing some critical, necessary entries and therefore I would not get correct financial reports. She helped me set up memorized monthly items that I need to do. I also purchased her month end procedure form. It is very easy to do my month end now. I know now where I stand on a day to day basis. It was a difficult and costly process to go through, and I often wondered if it was worth it, but it definitely was. I recommend Diane often.”

 QuickBooks/Construction Consulting – June 01, 2009

“Diane’s business/accounting/QuickBooks knowledge is incredible! Her creative thinking takes QB to the limits of it’s possibilities. Together we have developed some incredible solutions for my clients who love the results!”

 Overhead allocation solutions – May 21, 2009

“Diane took the time to understand the problems I was having and using her overhead allocation spreadsheet, we accurately allocated overhead in our company. Diane was very easy to work with and makes numbers easy to understand. I recommend her work”

 Quickbooks set up for cost accounting to comply with government accounting standards, training on same, assistance with annual audits, annual cleaning and closing and ongoing support as required – May 12, 2009

“Diane Gilson’s services enabled my business to accept its first Department of Defense grant award from the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. 8 years ago, she built out a Quickbooks system to comply with the government’s requirement for cost accounting that continues, with upgrades, to serve the needs of my business. She supported me through my initial audit which we passed with no issues and has assisted me with every annual audit since then. Even though I am a business owner, I had no prior accounting or bookkeeing experience and Diane very patiently walked me through training to use the system she created and was available for assistance and support over the very difficult first years of my steep learning curve. In essence, she has taught me EVERYTHING I actually know about accounting. I am now able to use my P&L, balance sheet and other Quickbook reports and forecasts as critical tools for operating my business. Diane’s teaching style is supportive and targeted at my understanding of accounting principles and procedures. I always feel safe and comfortable to let her know what I actually DO NOT know. She has an uncanny ability to assist me with visualizing concepts and solutions in a logical manner and understands when I have come to the limit of what I can digest and understand in any given session. Diane has been available to build our system out as required and I am able to get real-time assistance with the “heaven sent” web-ex feature that allows her to enter my system via the internet. She has helped me prepare my annual books for a hand-off of “clean” books to our CPA, helping us to hold down costs for tax preparation. Her hourly rates are reasonable and working with her is always a pleasure.”

 Installed and monitored a Quickbooks installation – May 07, 2009

We were a small build to inventory manufacturing company struggling with an inappropriate bookkeeping software program when we decided to convert to Quickbooks. Diane Gilson did an excellent job during installation and in follow up – at a reasonable cost. Diane’s input was timely, not over-whelming and urged us forward when we needed a push. We continue to be very pleased with the results.”

 Initial QuickBooks set-up, Coaching & Training, Quarterly & Year End wrap-ups – April 10, 2009

“Diane has been working with our remodeling company for over 10 years. She is extremely helpful, professional, and a pleasure to work with. Her knowledge of QuickBooks seems endless at times, and no matter what QuickBooks-related question or issue I have, she always has an answer for me. Initially, Diane helped us set up our chart of accounts and lists within QuickBooks so that our reports were accurate and made sense. She patiently trained me how to create accurate P&L’s, Balance Sheets, and Job Cost Reports (as well as how to understand them!). Diane also taught me how to use the WIP (Work-In-Progress) Report, and how to enter those numbers into QuickBooks as a Percentage of Completion entry. This allows us to see where we really stand each month with regards to our sales & profit. Another big area she helped me with was our Labor Burden. Her Labor Burden Calculator is worth every penny and then some! Diane showed me how to enter the information into the calculator to see what our employees are really costing us, and then how to assign the fully burdened labor costs out to our jobs within QuickBooks. I especially like how Diane can work with me remotely by using a WebEx connection – she is able to connect to my computer and we can both work together on it. This saves us both time & money. I would highly recommend Diane Gilson to anyone who is using QuickBooks and needs support, training, or set-up help. The assistance that you receive will be invaluable!”

 Full QuickBooks implementation. Set up of Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable & Payroll. Review, edit and rewrite full chart of accounts. Customization of all working printed reports and forms – October 06, 2008

“Due to the actual death of our senior bookkeeper, I found the full accounting department dumped in my lap. I was just the Accounts Receivable girl. Having never been privy to the other books for the company I had a HUGE disaster on my hands. Having Diane Gilson walk into my office was my saving grace. She was able to fully analyze our situation, and make the proper recommendations to move us forward. Diane was able to make me feel completely at ease with moving forward. Implementation, training, could not have gone better. Diane has a way of working with you, if you don’t understand what you are working on she will stay with it until you do. Her calm manner is always a positive when working on large or complicated projects. When it came to reports Diane was the champ. The owners were thrilled by the information, and by the improvements they could make. Diane has been working with us now for over 13 years, and I don’t know what I would do without her.”

NOTE: The reviews shown above have been copied in their entirety from Intuit’s QuickBooks ProAdvisor Review site. You can see the same reviews by clicking on the following link: Diane’s QuickBooks ProAdvisor client reviews.