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Dramatic changes in sales and use tax rules hit the deck in 2019. Even more tax changes will go into effect in 2020. Want to know if and how they impact your business? Check out this webinar presented by Scott Peterson, VP of U.S. Tax Policy at Avalara where he covers:

  • The current state of sales and use tax in the U.S.
  • Which states have enacted economic nexus, and what’s expected to change in 2020
  • A look at cross-border commerce
  • Answers to your specific questions
  • NOTE: This extensive video is approximately an hour and a half.

As of December, 2019, here’s a summary of some of the changes to come:

  • 43 states adopted economic nexus laws, requiring out-of-state sellers to collect sales tax
  • 36 of those states also enforced marketplace facilitator laws

Businesses of all types and sizes(many of whom had NO PREVIOUS CONCERNS about sales tax obligations!) have had to scramble to keep up with changing tax rules.

Unfortunately, those changes and complexities are NOT expected to slow down.

THIS is the time to prepare for even more sales tax changes to go into effect.

Want to learn more? Here are some additional resources brought to you by Avalara:
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