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Co-Construct – Stages of Job Costing

Are you looking to integrate QuickBooks with Co-Construct?

For a successful QuickBooks + Co-Construct integration, there are critical QuickBooks building blocks that you will need to initially create (or update).

This video outlines those primary QuickBooks decisions and structures… Note: If you haven’t already watched the following video please click through to view it BEFORE watching the presentation on THIS page.

Stages of Job Costing: Primary Building Blocks for QuickBooks Job-Costing

 It provides the groundwork that will make this video more meaningful…

For a better viewing experience, be sure to click on the “full screen” feature.

Getting Started With Job-Costing: Helpful Options 

Do you have the underlying structure and reporting design that you need for your QuickBooks file?

If you don’t have your QuickBooks structure already set up specifically for job costing (e.g., Chart of accounts, Item List, Customer:Job List, Payroll Item List, etc.) as discussed above, you may want to look at the videos shown in our prebuilt template (AccountingPRO). The videos show our proven system and illustrate how your job-costing system should be structured. You will be able to select between these product “views.”

The AccountingPRO “Comprehensive View” is for larger businesses, companies that perform various types of construction, or need to track detailed construction phases.

  • All potential Accounts and Items are displayed as “active”.
  • You choose to inactivate Accounts or Items that you believe that you will not currently use.
  • After an account or Item is inactivated you can choose to NOT see it as you work in QuickBooks. If you need to use it in the future, you can easily re-activate it.

The AccountingPRO “Essentials View” is for start-up businesses or companies who wish to see fairly summarized job-cost and company reports. This view is an ideal starting point for CoConstruct users.

  • We have pre-activated only the most frequently used accounts and Items within AccountingPRO.
  • You still have access to all of the same Accounts and Items that are available in the Comprehensive View.
  • If you need to use any of the remaining Accounts or Items to reflect your reporting needs as your business evolves, you can easily activate them.

Do you have the training resources you need to begin job-costing in QuickBooks?

Check out our Construction Accounting & Management Program (CAMP). It’s a comprehensive, online training program designed to assist you with all your QuickBooks job-costing needs.