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Divvy – Expense Management Made Simple

What is Divvy?

Divvy is the first complete spend management platform. With it, you can eliminate the need for expense reports, gain real-time visibility of your company spending, and add security against fraud and wasteful spending (+ so much more!).

Built for Contractors (and it’s FREE!)
Divvy solves 3 major struggles for your business:

  1. Receipt tracking & file management
  2. Applying expenses to Account or Item codes and Customers or Jobs
  3. Tracking cash flow daily to monitor spending

Divvy Features

Expense reports

Divvy takes care of the expense reporting automatically when you spend. That way you never have to worry.

Smarter budgets

Budget the way your company spends. Manage and assign budgets to groups or individuals and track spend in real-time.

Virtual cards

Generate a unique 16-digit card number anytime you need one. Use it for one-time purchases or for your subscriptions.

Send & request

Get money out to your team in seconds with send and request. It’s like Venmo for your business.

Subscription manager

Use virtual cards to see and manage your subscriptions all in one place. Freeze or delete a card anytime.

Travel deals

Get access to great travel deals. This program beats the big name booking sites by up to 50%.

And it’s FREE (!). (Divvy doesn’t charge anything for these services…)

Cool – But Not Free…

Divvy has a “Reimbursements” feature!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could track ALL your purchases on Divvy? You can now – and that includes cash purchases, mileage, and even purchases at merchants who don’t accept Mastercard.

Divvy reimbursements are:

    • Tracked against a budget – Your business won’t overspend just because an employee paid in cash or with a non-Divvy card.
    • Painless to submit – Spenders can upload receipts and request reimbursements from their mobile devices.
    • Easy to manage – You can approve requests in a few taps after receiving them.

Divvy’s Reimbursement feature is priced at only $5 per active user per month. There is no ongoing contract – so you only pay for users who submit for reimbursement.

Want to learn more? Request a Demo and reach out with any questions.

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