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Percentage of Completion Analyzer – Calculations & Entries Screenshots

Screenshots from the Sample Worksheet:  Percentage of Completion Analyzer™

(screenshots below move from left to right side of sheet)



Overview of the Percentage of Completion Analyzer™

Easy entry:

  • Up to 1000 jobs in a single sheet.
  • Simply enter information in pale yellow cells
  • Color coding and color groupings makes it easy to see exactly which section of the sheet you are using or viewing.
  • Print entire report or segments as desired
  • Save each month’s file as a permanent record to support and document entries made.

Original Estimates, Change Orders, known overages, and other revisions to Estimates:

Percentage of Completion Worksheet-Estimated Income and Costs

Percentage of Completion calculations and forecast:

Percentage of Completion calculations are based on current job income and costs

All amounts and %’s are displayed by job and in total:

  1. These columns show the computed original estimated gross profit as well as revised estimated gross profit
  2. When you enter actual life-to-date job costs, the % of of life-to-date job costs are calculated
  3. When you enter actual life-to-date job income, the required income dollar adjustment is computed and displayed
  4. This field reveals the total amount that company income will increase or decrease as a result of the Percentage of Completion adjustment
  5. These columns show the amount and % of each job’s life-to-date gross profit after the adjustment.  (Note:  This is a great way to double-check results after you make your entries).
  6. This is where you see the remaining forecast for gross income and gross profit

 The resulting journal entry output is easy to use:
Percentage of Completion Journal Entries



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