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QuickBooks + lienwaivers.io – Webinar

From our “Better Numbers – Better Business” series, here’s the video from Thursday’s webinar…

“QuickBooks + lienwaivers.io: Better Job-Costing + Easier, Faster Lien Waivers & Payments”

This webinar includes information about how QuickBooks + lienwaivers.io can be integrated to provide critical job-costing information as well as speedier cash-flow – each element designed to help you gain more financial control over every job!

What You’ll Learn…

  • How to make your QuickBooks desktop software deliver the job-cost information you need to record, monitor, and manage your costs and gross profit,
  • How to conquer the time-consuming (and often risk-laden) exchange of lien waivers (a feature NOT provided by QuickBooks), using an incredibly useful plug in, and
  • How to get payments into your bank account (or paid to your vendors) at near-lightning speed

    Don’t miss this high-value class!

Note: At the bottom of the video, if you click on the HD letters and select “1080p” the video will be very crisp and clear. Then you can also select “Full screen” mode to be able to get the best view of the reports…

Free Bonuses (Save to your computer)

Slide deck: QB Job Cost & lienwaivers.io Integration (.pdf format)



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