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Affiliate Resources: E-mail copy

This is where you’ll find sample copy to use in your e-mails or to add into your e-newsletters or website.  Simply copy and paste the text shown below – or you may wish to alter the wording (slightly) to best suit your intended recipients.  Feel free to modify font formats as desired.

For email messages:

  1. To get credit for sales: It’s necessary to embed (hyperlink) your Standard Affiliate Code in the “Click Here” text shown within the e-mail.
    Reminder: Your special affiliate code is located at the bottom of the page in the  “Links & Tools” section of the Affiliate Marketing Center.
    Alternatively: You may convert your special affiliate code into a shorter ‘masked’ or ‘cloaked’ version using http://bit.ly/
  2. To add extra appeal to your e-mail, please visit the Affiliate Resources:  Pictures page where you can choose from a variety of related pictures.

Topic:  Construction Accounting Self-Study Workshops
E-mail Subject line:  Construction Accounting & Financial Management Training at affordable rates?

If you could find construction accounting training and financial management coaching at exceptional rates, you’d want to check it out, right? Well, now you can do just that!  A premier Intuit Solution Provider (Info Plus Accounting) is offering Internet-based training (no travel!), delivered by Certified, experienced construction accountants … Satisfaction 100% guaranteed.   Click Here to learn more about this intriguing new program.

Topic:  CAMP training subscription
E-mail Subject line:  Unique training approach designed for construction accounting…

Now you and other members of your company can join online QuickBooks-oriented accounting classes, conquer job-cost and construction cost accounting, fine-tune your financial management skills, and participate in live consulting events…All at a fraction of the cost you would incur if you were to consult a CPA or a Certified QuickBooks Pro-Advisor.  Click here to learn more about this intriguing new program, brought to you by (insert your name) in cooperation with Info Plus Accounting.

Topic:  CAMP training subscription
E-mail Subject line:  Why are construction companies excited about CAMP?

  • Need some financial insights to help improve your bottom line?
  • Wish you had the benefits of a national networking group but without the prohibitive cost and inconvenient travel + time away from the office?
  • Would you like to hear what some of the national experts have to say about marketing or ways to fine-tune your operations?
  • Looking to “shoot the breeze” with other company owners to see how they problem-solve some of the same issue that you run into?
  • Want to periodically ask a financial question or two without paying your CPA’s hourly rate?

If so, you owe it to yourself to look at what the Construction Accounting & Management Program (CAMP) can offer you and your bookkeeping staff.  Click Here for the details.

Topic:  CAMP training subscription
E-mail Subject line:  Looking to build your construction accounting and financial management expertise?

Are you a builder, remodeler, contractor, developer or construction bookkeeper?
Do accounting deficiencies or financial circumstances leave you tied up in knots?

  • Sleepless nights?  Books a mess?
  • Wish you could see the numbers you need?
  • Worried that what you don’t know is going to bite you?
  • Not enough cash to hire the right kinds of trained, professional help?

If any of these questions activate your headache generator – or you’ve been avoiding treatment for your numeraphobia (yes, “numeraphobia” is a real word!) – or you’ve been thinking it would be a good idea to conquer those pesky 0-9 digits and their resulting permutations – there are intriguing new options available for you and your company:

  • Live, online accounting and coaching classes (basic through advanced) designed for construction and job cost accounting needs.
  • Owner and management-level seminars and consulting sessions developed especially for the unique needs of contractors and construction companies…

You CAN build your construction accounting expertise…

Finally…There’s an affordable, “help-yourself” option that will help you build your company’s construction accounting, job cost accounting software, and business management expertise:   it’s CAMP – the Construction Accounting & Management Program.

It’s time to escape to CAMP! Click Here to learn more.

Topic:  Employee Cost & Pricing Analyzer (eCPA)
E-mail Subject Line:  Convert Labor Costs and Burden into Profits…

Are you losing money because:

  • You don’t know your exact labor and labor burden costs?
  • You’re not sure how much you should be charging for labor?

Labor costs and over-runs typically represent the highest risk elements of a job, so you need to know exactly what every worker costs – and what you should charge for their time – down to the minute!   The latest version of the eCPA (employee Cost & Pricing Analyzer) uses familiar Excel-based formats and calculations to help you determine true employee costs, and what you should charge for their time, for up to 200 employees and 25 departments.

If you’re a QuickBooks user, you’ll love the Special Bonus Report that shows you how to “trick out” QuickBooks to automatically post fully-burdened labor costs so that you can finally see accurate job cost reports!   Click Here to learn more and/or to purchase the eCPA.

Topic:  Percentage of Completion Analyzer
E-mail Subject line: Long-term contracts?   Where do you REALLY stand?

Quit guessing at job profitability!

  • Do you have long-term jobs or contracts (i.e., that last longer than one or two months)?
  • Do you invoice, or receive payment for jobs, either:
    ♦  Before costs are entered to your accounting system, and/or
    ♦  After costs are entered?
  • Do banks or other agencies require you to compute and report your income on a “Percentage of Completion” basis?
  • Do you wish you knew how much your company really earned during a given period (rather than just knowing what is, or isn’t, in the bank)?
  • Are Percentage of Completion measurements and adjustments confusing or frustrating to you, your bookkeeper, or accountant?

If the answer to any of those questions is “Yes”, the Percentage of Completion Analyzer will have immense value for you.

This tool helps you identify and extract the information you need for these crucial accounting entries from your Estimates, Change Orders, known changes, and accounting reports.  It then will compute your “over-billed” and “under-billed” amounts, job by job, and present results in a Journal Entry format.

The Analyzer includes sample calculations and detailed instructions regarding Percentage of Completion concepts and entries.  Click Here for details.

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