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Revolutionize Your Hiring Process

This groundbreaking seminar demonstrates how YOU can revolutionize your hiring process!

Why this matters to you: Discover how you can remodel your hiring process to boost your hiring success and get the best talent for your construction, manufacturing, or service business.

Watch this “Using AI to Revolutionize Your Hiring Process” video with Diane and Justin…

(and discover how you can tap into the power of Artificial Intelligence to effortlessly identify the most qualified candidates for your company.)

Note: For the best view of the webinar, select “Full screen” mode (the “X” in the player bar). You can also click the gear icon to change the playback speed…

Click below to get the slide deck for this presentation:
Using AI To Revolutionize Your Hiring Process (PDF format)


  • To get a FREE Predictive Hiring Assessment (powered by AI) for your organization, please click on this link and mention you watched this BuildYourNumbers seminar with Diane and Justin.
    • The Contractor Staffing Source team will reach out to schedule a consultation and discuss the assessment process.
    • Any offer or promotion is available for a limited time only. Please contact Contractor Staffing Source or Info Plus for more information.