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Advanced Reporting Techniques (3010/Level 2)

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Advanced Reporting Techniques:
When Management Wants “More” or “Different” or “Better…”

Approximately 79 minutes:

  1. The Company Snapshot:
    • Management views
    • Company, Payments, Customers tabs
    • Customizing your view
    • Printing
  2. Exporting to Excel
    • Basic Options
    • Advanced Options
    • Tips
    • What you get
    • Applications – 6 creative ways to use Excel exports
  3. Creating Custom reports
    • Custom Summary reports – choices, possibilities, and limitations
    • Custom Transaction Detail reports
  4. ‘Detective’ reports – 8 ways to track down the info you need
  5. Memorized reports:
    • 6 ways memorized reports can help you save time & energy
    • Settings:  5 techniques for creating better-memorized reports
    • Naming reports:  3 naming tips
    • Memorized report groups
      √ Dividing and grouping memorized reports
      √ Ordering & numbering
      √ Processing multiple reports
      √ The “Favorites” variation
    • The cons:  What to watch out for with memorized reports
  6. Specialty reports, e.g.:
    • Worker’s Comp (easy audits & potential savings on premiums)
    • 3rd-party add-ins
      √ Certified Payroll
      √ AIA Billing
      √ Wage Manager Solutions
      √ Crew Overtime Entry Solution
    • Union reports
    • Other, more extensive reporting options…
  7. Discussion:  Extra reporting features in Enterprise Solutions

This is the advanced reporting workshop.  You may also want to take a look at:
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