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Controlling Results with Estimates & Change Orders (2100/Level 2)

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“It has to make money on paper first”:
The Power of Estimates & Change Orders…

Approximately 107 minutes:

  1. The power of Estimates:
    • 7 really good reasons to use Estimates
    • How to create Estimate reports in QuickBooks
    • Opinion:  The ‘Top 3’ Estimate reports
  2. 17 Features & limitations of Estimates & Estimate-based reports
  3. Examples & diagrams:
    • How (and why) you should modify the existing QuickBooks Estimate template
    • What the column titles on the Estimate REALLY mean
    • How info flows from your QuickBooks Estimate into your Estimate vs. Actual Detail reports:
      √  Traditional Time & Materials jobs
      √  Cost Plus jobs
      √  Fixed Price jobs (1 document approach)
      √  Fixed Price jobs (2 document approach)
  4. Should you incorporate external estimating software?
    • Are you already using other 3rd-party software, Access or Excel?  If so…
    • How to determine what level of detail you need (vs. what is provided)
    • 3rd-party software integration with QuickBooks or Enterprise (precautions & insights)
    • Is 3rd-party integration worthwhile for YOU?
  5. Who should be creating Estimates in QuickBooks?
    • Info needed to complete a realistic, achievable Estimate
    • Why companies often DON’T enter Estimates into QuickBooks…
    • Typical problems with Estimates – what to avoid!
    • Deciding exactly when Estimates should be entered into QuickBooks
  6. Other advanced techniques for QuickBooks Estimates and Quotes:
    • Memorized Estimates – how to save time & get more accurate
    • When multiple Estimates for a single job can be useful
    • More control over what your customer sees – Creating & using Item Groups…..
  7. The power of Change Orders:
    • How mid-stream changes impact your cost and profit margin
    • How a Change Order system can help prevent profit leaks
    • Change Order systems:  How employees help (or hurt) profitability
    • Tracking Change Orders in QuickBooks:  An opportunity for enhanced margins?
    • Structuring your initial contract for Change Orders
    • Common pricing scenarios for Change Orders
    • Creating faster, easier collections on Change Orders
    • Examples of how to add Change Orders in QuickBooks
  8. Exhibits:  Sample Job Cost reports


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