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Entering, Printing, & Controlling Checks (2300/Level 1)

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“You can write your own check here”
Entering, Printing, and Controlling Checks

Approximately 91 minutes:

  1. Bills vs. Checks?
    • When it’s better to ‘Enter Bills’
    • When it’s better to ‘Write Checks’
    • Consistency
  2. Entering Checks – the top portion:
    • Company Preferences
    • 7 critical fields (options and insights)
  3. Completing the bottom portion (applies to Checks, Bills, & Credit card entries):
    • Job costing choices
    • Not a job cost
    • Splitting costs between jobs and between tabs
  4. Other actions from the ‘Write Checks’ screen:
    • From the top of the screen
    • From the bottom of the screen
  5. Using the ‘Banking/Transfer Funds’ feature:
    • When it’s helpful
    • Precautions
  6. Printing Checks and Bill Payments:
    • Printer setup choices
    • Shared printers and coordination
    • Printing multiple checks
    • Printing individual checks
  7. Buying & ordering checks (choices you’ll need to make & ideas to consider):
    • Check styles
    • Signatures (single vs. double – when to use each)
    • Numbering
    • Color ideas
    • Security features (+ some fun reading references!)
    • Envelopes
    • Deposit books & stamps
  8. Support, signature, and filing:
    • Printing, preparing, and presenting checks for signature
    • How the signing, documentation, and mailing process should work
    • Filing your support and check vouchers:
      √ Filing recommendations
      √ Prior-year files
  9. Safeguarding funds:
    • Controlling your blank check stock
    • The owner’s checkbook
    • Pre-signed blank checks
    • Reviewing for missing or duplicate checks
  10. Typical problem areas and solutions


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