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How To Check The Accuracy Of Your Accounts Payable & Credit Cards (4005/Level 2)

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How Much Do We REALLY Owe?  How to Double-check Vendors, Banks, & Other Liabilities for Accuracy… + Claim All of Your Related Deductions

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Approximately 80 minutes:

  1. What we want to be able to prove
  2. Accounts payable:
    • How to review Accounts Payable reports
    • Checking against vendor statements
    • Troubleshooting tips (lots!)
    • 2 Primary things to watch out for
    • What if actually owe less than what shows in Accounts Payable?
    • Should certain payables be posted to accounts other than A/P?
    • Fixing issues related to outstanding credits
  3. Credit cards & retail financing:
    • Reconciling credit cards + 4 things to keep an eye on
    • Decisions to make when you’ve completed a credit card reconciliation
  4. Banks & other lending institutions
    • Getting the documents and information you’ll need
    • Learning how to read the info you receive
    • Reconciling the loan account
  5. Loans vs. Leases
    • How loans and leases differ
    • Different types of leases
    • Determining your interest rate on a lease or a loan
  6. Loans due to individuals:
    • Land contracts
    • Owners’ home equity loans

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