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Managing Bills in QuickBooks (2315/Level 2)

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Managing bills in QuickBooks is a critical bookkeeping responsibility.  This workshop delivers the tools you need to monitor and control your results and provides special techniques to conquer other “payables” situations you’ll likely encounter.

Learn how to reconcile vendor records, review and troubleshoot your Accounts Payable Aging Summary, how to proceed when there are too many line items to fit on a single check stub, and the correct way to record incoming refund checks (job and non-job-related), and much more!

Keeping an Eye on the Bills:
Best Practices for Bills Management

Approximately 48 minutes:

  1. Number sequencing and controlling blank checks
  2. Check signing and documentation logs
  3. Bill Payment checks & related controls
  4. Reviewing cleared checks and other charges
  5. Reconciling vendor records and researching discrepancies
  6. Trouble-shooting the Accounts Payable Aging Summary
  7. Payment stubs – an example
  8. Incoming refund checks (examples for both job and non-job-related)
  9. When you encounter “Lender-to-vendor” payments
  10. Filing suggestions


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