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Affiliate Resources: Audio & Video

This is where you will find titles and descriptions of video and audio presentations that you can can send in e-mails or post on your website.

1.  To get credit for sales:
It’s necessary to embed (hyperlink) your unique affiliate link within the title of the presentation and/or on the “Click here” text (preferably both).  This will take your reader to the presentation while also placing a cookie on their computer that will give you credit for any Info Plus product or training the reader purchases within the next 3 years.

Reminder: Your special affiliate code is located in the “Ads” section of the Affiliate Marketing Center.

Title:  From $500k in Debt in 2002 to $10 Million in Sales This Year (Audio)

Description:   There is hope in the construction industry. Join Dan Baumann as he interviews Carol Kolona of Kolona Painters. Learn how they went from $500k in debt in 2002 and living in their car to now having 10 million in sales for 2010. This is a great story of determination, hard work and some of the things Carol and Blake did to turn things around.  Click here to listen…

**Use the affiliate link titled 3-From $500k in debt in 2002 to $10 Million in Sales This Year-audio recording from the Affiliate Marketing Center.

Title:  Contractor Simon Ackerman – After 25 years he’s finally profitable (Audio + slide show)

Description:  Simon Ackerman reveals the steps he’s taken to build and maintain a profitable contracting business.  It hasn’t been easy but it’s starting to pay off.  This is a great audio + slide shown presentation that illustrates some of the actions a small business contractor took to rise above the rest.  Click here to hear Dan Baumann’s interview with Simon and to see a variety of Simon’s projects.

**Use the affiliate link titled 4-Contractor Simon Ackerman-After 25 years he’s finally profitable from the Affiliate Marketing Center.

Check back regularly as we will continue to add audio & video presentations!

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