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The Roofer Show: The Cost of Chaos

Have a quick listen to a podcast I was on for Dave Sullivan of The Roofer Show:


OR, click here to listen on The Roofer Show: Podcast 26: The Cost Of Chaos: What’s It Costing Your Company with Diane Gilson

If you’ve ever been interested in finding out…

  • How to have more financial control.
  • How to calculate what owners should pay themselves.
  • Opportunities to reduce cost:
    • What 45 minutes wasted each day actually costs you!
    • How to save money on materials.
    • Save by not incurring tax penalties.
    • Watch out for credit card debt.
  • Increasing your income:
    • Do a better job of pricing.
    • Manage change orders better.
    • Go for a higher gross profit.
  • Implement changes to improve your bottom line.
  • 56 extra benefits to being in control of your numbers!

…this podcast is right for you!

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