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Top Accounting Blogs

accounting blogs

The accounting blogs listed below are some of the most reputable and informative online. I wanted to create a quality resource for people seeking any additional accounting advice, so below you’ll find what I believe to be some of the top accounting blogs. As an endorsement, I’ve created a badge for them to display so that they can be recognized as one of the top accounting blogs on the Internet.

The listing below is not in any particular order. I believe each represents “best-in-industry” information.

  1. The Accounting Onion – Thomas I. Selling PhD, CPA, produces easy-to-use hosted, web-based collaboration tools for project management, issue tracking, discussion management, file archiving and general communications.
  2. Fast Easy Accounting Blog – Fast Easy Accounting works with residential and commercial contractors, builders, remodelers, specialty contractors, subcontractors and architects by taking care of their construction accounting and providing specialized contractors bookkeeping services. Their blog offers information geared to the construction industry.
  3. Diary of a Bad Bad Bookkeeper – (Note:  This is no longer a blog, as the postings have been converted into a book.  But I like her work so much that I’m still including it here.) The original author of the blog postings (now a book) created a bookkeeper who is embezzling from her boss in a wide variety of ways, and presents the blog articles as if they are bookkeeper’s diary.  Very clever AND very informative… It’s a great way to bring these real-life scenarios, well, “TO LIFE”.
  4. Advice for Tax Preparers – Bill Meador is a CPA and lawyer who shares the technical, office, political and social skills you need (and mistakes to avoid!) if you want to be successful in the tax department of a CPA firm.
  5. Intuitive Accountant Blog – Intuitive Accountant is an independent news and information source written specifically for the small business advisor who needs to stay current on the latest news and offerings from Intuit and the hundreds of Add On products serving small business.  The site and blog contain helpful information.
  6. Accounting Coach – Harold Averkamp has created an online accounting community where learning accounting is fun and interesting! If you’re ready to learn accounting techniques for yourself, check out his interactive blog.
  7. BDCo, LLP – BDCo aims to “put people first.” Their blog really achieves this goal by explaining current events that affect accounting and business in accessible terms.
  8. Mark Up & Profit Blog – Construction Programs & Results, Inc. (MarkupAndProfit.com) helps general and specialty contractors build stronger, more profitable businesses via coaching, consulting, training programs, and books. Their blog includes specific tips and techniques for the construction industry.
  9. CPA Technology Blog – Brian Tankersley is a CPA and consultant. He is a frequent speaker at continuing education courses on auditing and technology for many state CPA societies, as well as a contributing editor to the CPA Technology Advisor, and a senior faculty member with Becker Professional Review. His blog on accounting and technology is nationally recognized, and for good reason.
  10. Design/Builder’s Blog – Shawn McCadden is a nationally-known columnist, remodeling speaker, business trainer, remodeling business coach and award-winning remodeler. The Design/Builder’s Blog offers a place to find and share information and opinions about design/build.
  11. Business Builder Blog – Suiter Business Builders is dedicated to giving you and your team the insight, understanding and tools to manage your business with clarity and confidence, so that you can design and build your business to suit your particular specs. Visit The Business Builder Blog for ideas about how to start running your business more effectively, and make sure to check out the “tools” section for great financial management resources.
  12. taxconnex – Founded by Robert Dumas and Doug Starr, TaxConnex is the one-stop partner for businesses that need quick sales, use, transaction, or telecommunications tax assistance.
  13. PowerTips® – Remodelers Advantage is dedicated to helping professional remodeling contractors grow ever-more successful while creating a working environment that also allows them to lead more balanced and satisfying lives. Their blog, PowerTips®: The remodeler’s guide to business is packed with tactics, strategies and best practices used by top, multimillion-dollar remodeling companies across the US and Canada.
  14. Long For Success Blog – Long For Success is dedicated to helping people start and grow their own businesses through consulting, training, speaking, writing, and more. Their blog features events, announcements, tools and resources to start or grow a business.
  15. A Learning a Day – This blog focuses on the simple things in life and is dedicated to the ‘Never older, only better’ philosophy. A Learning a Day hopes to bring together a community of those who look for learning and joy every day.

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  16. The Expertise Marketplace – The Expertise Marketplace blog is for professional service firm leaders, CMOs, journalists, and academics. It provides analyses of marketing strategy and its direction, and provocative discussions on the state of the professional services marketplace.
  17. Financial Executives International – For more than 80 years, FEI has been connecting senior-level financial executives by serving the needs and interests of members like you. The founding purpose of FEI was to define the profession, exchange ideas about best practices, educate members and others, and work with the government to improve the general economy.
  18. Gary Weiss – Gary Weiss is a journalist and author who focuses on the economy, bringing theory and reality together.
  19. Golden Practices, Inc – Golden Practices, Inc. works exclusively with professional firms and their associations to help firms see past their history into the potential of their futures. She believes that your firm’s potential is limited only by your imagination.
  20. Harvard Business School Working Knowledge – What’s a list of top accounting blogs without Harvard Business School? This blog is written by Harvard faculty and looks at innovative business practices and unique ways of looking at age-old issues.
  21. IRS Exams – This blog works to get you up to speed with IRS exams so that you can succeed.
  22. Kevin O’Keefe’s Real Lawyers Have Blogs – Real Lawyers Have Blogs provides a plethora of information about accounting and marketing specifically for lawyers.
  23. MauledAgain – Prof. James Edward Maule provides commentary on tax law, legal education, the First Amendment, religion, and law. Sometimes he attempts to connect all of this to genealogy, theology, music, model trains, and chocolate chip cookies.
  24. The Summa – The Summa serves as an outlet for Professor David Alrecht’s thoughts on financial accounting and its regulation, accounting humor and accounting movies, and higher education in general and accounting education in particular.
  25. Reed Tinsley, CPA – Reed Tinsley, CPA is a Certified Valuation Analyst and healthcare consultant. He works closely with physicians, medical groups, and other healthcare entities with managed care contracting issues, operational & financial management, strategic planning, and profit strategies. His blog takes this work and puts it into context for his readers.
  26. Seth Godin’s Blog – Seth Godin is an author and public speaker on the topics of accounting and marketing. He’s written numerous books, but the quickest way to learn from Seth is through his well-written blog.
  27. Nicholas J. Pennewell, CPA-Where every penny matters – Nicholas Pennewell provides expert accounting services and tax advice for individuals, businesses, and non-profits.
  28. Tax Domme – Lori at Tax Domme provides excellent tax advice in terms that readers of all levels of understanding can benefit from.
  29. TaxProf Blog – Paul Caron edits the TaxProf Blog. This blog holds great information about recent legislation and financial news.
  30. Tax Mama’s Tax Quips – The Tax Mama answers readers’ questions about taxes and tax law. She does a great job of writing in a way that all readers can understand and benefit from.
  31. Thriveal+CPA Network – Thrival+CPA Network blog aims to engage, empower and encourage CPA firm owners toward disruptive innovations, meaningful education, and deeper relationships with their customers.
  32. Our Taxing Times – Trish McIntire is a tax professional who discusses the U.S. tax system and the business of doing taxes on her blog, Our Taxing Times.
  33. Accounting Observer – For up-to-date information on accounting and financial current events, keep an eye on the Accounting Observer.
  34. The Top Line – Barbara Bix manages BB Marketing Plus and The Top Line blog. Her goal with the blog is to help you learn how to attract better business, shorten the sales cycle, and accelerate revenues.

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  35. Business Learning Institute – The Business Learning Institute facilitates the development and sharing of competencies and strategic knowledge required for leadership in today’s rapidly changing business environment. To get a leg up, check out their blog.
  36. Dear Debit – Dear Debit is a blog where readers can submit tax- and business-related questions to a team of professionals who can answer all of your questions.
  37. Dennis Kennedy Blog – Dennis Kennedy is a well-known lawyer, consultant, speaker, and writer who is considered among the most influential authority on the application of technology in the practice of law. He shares his knowledge with readers here, so don’t miss out!
  38. Don’t Mess With Taxes – You may hate taxes, but they’re here to stay, so you have to learn how to deal with them at some point. Kay Bell, a journalist — appropriately from Texas — gathers great information to help make taxes make more sense to her readers.
  39. Duct Tape Marketing – John Jantsch provides readers and clients with real-world, proven small business marketing strategies. You won’t fall behind if you read this blog.
  40. PKF Texas – Greg Price writes about entrepreneurs and how to grow your business. Whether you’re just starting out or are ready to expand, you can get some great tips and advice here.
  41. Jr Deputy Accountant – Adrienne isn’t an accountant, but she has a great understanding of federal financial policies. Since she’s not an accountant, her blog is not meant for advice. Instead, she intends to make you laugh, help give you a clearer understanding of the policies that affect you, and spark conversation.
  42. Legal Marketing Blog – Thomas Kane, Esq., has great experience in law and management. Now he offers advice in all aspects of legal marketing, from training, planning, and public relations to conducting image campaigns, market research, advertising, and client feedback programs.
  43. Lougen, Valenti, Bookbinder & Weintraub, LLP – For clear advice on what you should be doing year-round to keep track of your taxes, check out LVB&W’s blog.
  44. Moody, Famiglietti & Andronico, LLP – The MFA Business Insights Blog aims to share the company’s insights on finance and business (large and small, private and public).
  45. MintLife – For personal financial questions, MintLife has your back. Whether you’re wondering how to save money for family vacations or how to incorporate your finances with your new partner, MintLife has the answer.
  46. C. Lynn Northrup, CPA, CPIM – C. Lynn Northrup, CPA, CPIM provides education, financial management, accounting, business coaching, and resources for business owners and individuals. Check out his blog for advice that could greatly help you!
  47. Not-For-Profit Accounting – Not-for-profit accounting is very different than accounting for a for-profit business. The IRS and each state require different forms and reporting, which can become confusing very quickly. The Not For Profit Accounting blog aims to make these requirements clear so that non-profits can focus on their mission rather than their accounting.
  48. Practice Development Counsel – The Practice Development Counsel blog gives readers advice and skills on how to bridge the generational gap that often develops in businesses.
  49. Sequence Inc. – Tracy Coenen is a fraud examiner with nearly two decades of experience in accounting and investigations. Her blog is full of valuable information to help readers decipher between good business ideas and bad ones.
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  50. Joe Mastriano, CPA – Joe Mastriano gives tons of great tax advice on how to do your taxes correctly, how to avoid audits and what will cause you to get audited. Every business owner should read his blog.
  51. The Cooking Accountant – The Cooking Accountant is an inspirational blog about the process of passing the CPA Exam. Plus, you get bonus recipes and cooking tips every once in a while.
  52. The State and Local Tax “Buzz” – Sylvia Dion’s goal for the “Buzz” is to provide readers with relevant information on State and Local Tax (“SALT”) matters.
  53. Verasage Institute – The Verasage Institute’s blog provides great commentary and discourse on current economic articles and books, bringing out great voices.
  54. Accounting Today – Accounting Today is actually a grouping of two blogs, Accounting Tomorrow and Debits & Credits. Both bogs provide timely and accurate information on current economic policies, legislation, and discussions.
  55. Brumley’s Blog – Scott Brumley offers a variety of accounting and tax advice to readers from years of great experience and understanding of the U.S. financial system.
  56. The Fraud Files – Tracy Coenen, CPA, CFF, writes a marketing and finance blog with an interesting eye for fraud.
  57. The Leadership Notebook – Mary Werner is a certified coach, masters trained organization development consultant who offers free advice through her blog for business professionals, high-potential leaders, and CEOs.
  58. PhilHogan.com – Phil Hogan offers answers to real-life tax questions like what are the tax implications of marrying outside the U.S.
  59. The Small Business Blog – The Small Business Blog looks at how new legislation and current events will and are affecting small businesses specifically.
  60. BookMarkLee – Mark Lee aims to help accountants and those who work with accounts be more successful and happier.
  61. CPA Trendlines – CPA Trendlines is home to the freshest research and analysis in tax, accounting, and finance professions.
  62. Skeptical CPA – The Skeptical CPA writes about experiences learned from many mistakes made. Hopefully, you can learn something from The Skeptical CPA’s mistakes.
  63. Forensic Accounting Today – Jeff Moore CPA, CFE, CIRA is the founder of JE Moore Accountants and Consultants. His blog focuses on independent and freelance accounting and finance-related practices.
  64. Growth-Logic, Inc – Joel Block offers great advice for start-up companies to help get your feet on the ground and set your business on the path to success.
  65. Schneider Downs – Schneider Downs is one of the 60 largest CPA firms in the US.  Their blog covers a wide variety of accounting topics such as tax, technology, audit, and advisory services.
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