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What’s included in CAMP Comprehensive? JCS Video #4 Excerpt

This video shows EXACTLY what you’ll receive with CAMP Comprehensive (Option #2 of three available options) within the CAMP series…

We’ve added many new features to the CAMP Comprehensive program over the last several months, including:

  • When you subscribe, we provide you with a “CAMP Counselor.”
    • She’ll invite you to a one-to-one orientation meeting to walk you through your “CAMP Campus.”
    • If you accept the invitation, she will illustrate how to best use your CAMP portal and point out various features – so that you can get the most value from your subscription.
    • If you’d like, your CAMP Counselor can continue as your personal contact with us for as long as you are a CAMP-er.
    • Our CAMP-ers have told us that they really like that personal contact!
  • When you complete a class, if you submit a very quick and easy evaluation, you will receive a ‘Completion Badge’ – to document your progress. (+ To lighten your day, we’ll include a humorous GIF!). NOTE: We DO listen to your ideas and suggestions!
  • For each class, we provide a “Help My Friend” link.
    • If your friend subscribes to CAMP (any level), we’ll happily send you a lovely Amazon gift certificate in appreciation.
  • We’ve created special instructions for Mac subscribers – so they can adapt the “CAMP Worksheet” to the Mac spreadsheet platform.
  • We’ve added the four Job Cost Secrets videos – so you can re-visit them at any time to take advantage of the profit-building ideas shared in those videos.
  • We’ve also included a PDF copy of Diane’s book – it’s a comprehensive guide (360+ pages) to job costing.

To see the full video that illustrates ALL THREE of the CAMP Options (plus the MANY ways you’ll be able to unlock the power of QuickBooks to make a HUGE difference in your company profitability and operations) click below… 


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