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The Ultimate Showdown (Part 1): Types of Financial Services

Ultimate Showdown: Types of Financial Services

When you hear the term “ultimate showdown“, it might not (at first) conjure images of the types of financial services needed by construction companies and their owners. That’s why Diane and Mita have teamed up for a totally DIFFERENT (and very positive) “Ultimate Showdown” about the topic. This Ultimate Showdown (part 1) video gives you …

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Elevate Your Business with Cloud Access

Elevate Your Business with Cloud Innovation

Jake Reeves (Cloud Productivity Expert – Summit Hosting) joins Diane Gilson to illustrate innovative ways to use “anytime/anywhere” cloud access services. Why this matters to you: You’ll see how “elastic scalability” and “resources-on-demand” can help you collaborate between team members, securely share data and company information, and grow your business. Watch this seminar to see …

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Bulletproof Accounting and Long Term Business Survival

Diane Gilson and Daryl Urbanski-Bulletproof Accounting

Bulletproof Accounting for Long Term Business Survival Diane and host of The Best Business Podcast, Daryl Urbanski, reveal proven “success habits” that small and medium-sized business owners can use to leapfrog the competition and thrive. Why this matters to you: In this podcast, Diane delivers some simple (and high-value) startup and accounting system tips that …

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Before You Sign: Pre-Construction Contracts and Agreements

Before you sign - Pre-Construction Contracts and Agreements

This webinar reveals proven strategies and practical tips about pre-construction contracts and agreements – so you can jump-start the success of your construction projects before you commit to taking on a job. Watch this “Pre-Construction Contracts and Agreements” video with Michael (Discover why these contracts and agreements give you a jump-start on upcoming jobs!)  …

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Conquer Construction Chaos

Conquer Construction Chaos webinar with ECI and BuildYourNumbers

3 Innovative Options to Conquer Construction Chaos Whether you’re a trade contractor in the electrical, plumbing, or HVAC specialties, a remodeler or custom builder, or in charge of dispatching technicians, this session is designed with your needs in mind. Discover how to Conquer Construction Chaos using three cutting-edge software solutions (ECI BuildTools, Bolt, and Thermogrid.) …

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