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Elevate Your Business with Cloud Access

Jake Reeves (Cloud Productivity Expert – Summit Hosting) joins Diane Gilson to illustrate innovative ways to use “anytime/anywhere” cloud access services.

Why this matters to you: You’ll see how “elastic scalability” and “resources-on-demand” can help you collaborate between team members, securely share data and company information, and grow your business.

Watch this seminar to see how cloud access can help you optimize your business processes and reduce costs with a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

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Key topics covered in this recording include:

Summit’s Cloud Hosting – an Overview

Jake mentioned that keeping your server “in-house” can be more expensive and dangerous (higher risk) than having your server located in Summit’s cloud.


Jake and Diane discussed how Summit has revolutionized how you can handle your digital needs.

Security is a big deal for Summit. They have an ironclad shield in place with TrueGrid, SentinelOne, and Guardicore to keep the bad guys out. (They have also achieved the highly desired SOC I-III and ISO industry-standard security certifications.)


They then addressed flexibility. With Summit Hosting, it’s like having your own genie in a bottle! When you ask Jake or his team for more server power, storage, or computing power, voilà, you’ve got it. There’s no need to buy extra computers or other related devices.

And it’s no problem if your team grows or shrinks, Summit’s got you covered. You don’t have to hassle with or configure new hardware.

Disaster Recovery

Given the current environment, being prepared for and being able to recover from disaster is essential!

Jake explained that Summit has numerous data centers spread across North America to handle that for you. That means your data is safe and sound, day and night, regardless of your location, weather, or surroundings.

Applications – You Get to Choose

And another terrific perk? Summit can host your third-party applications and add-ons, so you can ‘set up shop’ with your favorite applications on your Summit server.

Any Time, Anywhere Access

Jake also described how you and your team can access your Summit server from anywhere, anytime, with any of your devices, such as your cellphone, tablet, or Windows or Mac computer.

What this means for you: You and your team can collaborate and securely share data, apps, and screens!

You can even use any of your printers directly from your Summit server…

Plus, they’ve got a 99.9999% uptime guarantee. (That’s practically the definition of “always on“!)

Backups and Support

Jake also explained that Summit’s got your back with daily backups (with up to a decade of backups if you choose.)

And if you ever need help, their U.S.-based tech support is there for you, 24/7.

Cost Efficiency

Cost-wise, Summit’s impressive, too. They handle all of your server upkeep and upgrades, so you save big time. No more shelling out for clunky servers or paying someone to maintain or repair them. And their pricing? You only pay for what you need.


As the webinar wrapped up, Jake and Diane covered a number of frequently asked questions, which we know you’ll enjoy!


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