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Before You Sign: Pre-Construction Contracts and Agreements

This webinar reveals proven strategies and practical tips about pre-construction contracts and agreements – so you can jump-start the success of your construction projects before you commit to taking on a job.

Watch this “Pre-Construction Contracts and Agreements” video with Michael (Discover why these contracts and agreements give you a jump-start on upcoming jobs!)

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Diane’s recent knowledge-packed webinar featuring Michael Stone (founder of Construction Programs & Results, Inc. and MarkupAndProfit.com) focused on pre-construction contracts and agreements.

Why this matters to you: This webinar is a must-watch for construction professionals, from new entrants to experienced contractors. Michael Stone demonstrated why it’s so critical to have pre-construction contracts and agreements! (Because you don’t want to kill your profits before you even begin a job!)

Key Webinar Takeaways

Michael and Diane examined:

  • Demo & Discovery Agreements: The cornerstone of project success.
  • Pre-Contract Agreements: These are critical elements for clear and aligned project beginnings.
  • Design Agreements: Use them to shape your project’s vision and path to execution.
  • Letters of Intent: Streamline negotiations and start projects smoothly.

In addition to these terrific (and hard-won) insights, Michael shared personal experiences that taught him what to look for when looking at future jobs and how to decide whether to walk away from a potential project. He also shared “lessons learned” from a few of his less successful ventures. The interactive session also included answers to pre-submitted attendee questions and a live Q&A segment.

Click below to get your BuildYourNumbers slides for this presentation:
Before You Sign… Pre-Construction Contracts & Agreements (PDF format)

Click this link to get the Markup and Profit slide deck:
Michael Stone: Pre-Construction Contracts


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