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Avoid the Gross Profit Rollercoaster

Diane and Dave Sullivan (host of The Roofer Show podcast) dive into what Diane calls the “Gross Profit Rollercoaster.” They explore why ‘highs and lows’ happen in a business (when the numbers aren’t lining up), and how to avoid those ups and downs.

Why this matters to you: As Dave says, “You can sell all the work you want, but if you’re not pricing your work correctly (because you don’t understand your costs or you don’t understand your numbers), you could just be losing money faster and faster!

The goal is simple – as a business owner, you need to be able to match your income and the cost of producing that income.

For example – some people have jobs that last two months, and some people have jobs that last two years. Regularly checking and revising your estimate over the life of the job allows you to keep the income and costs proportional (in relationship to each other). That means you can see what you’re truly earning over the life of a job!

How can you meet that simple goal? Listen to this podcast to learn how to avoid the “Gross Profit Rollercoaster” and keep your Gross Profit percentage level throughout the life of your jobs.

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