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Job Costing is Critical for Construction Companies

Diane and Bracken Anderson (from busybusy) recently had a great interview-style meeting where we explored why job costing is critical for construction companies.

Why this matters to you: When you understand what job costing is and how to get started with it, you can then focus on your winning jobs. And that means more profits for you!

This “Job Costing Is Critical For Construction Companies” video has answers to many of your “need to know” questions.

Note: For the best view of the webinar, select “Full screen” mode (the “X” in the player bar). You can also click the gear icon to change the playback speed…

Or read the complete transcript here:
Job Costing is Critical for Construction Companies – Transcript

In this video, we discussed:

Introduction to Job Costing

Basic concepts and their importance in improving construction business profitability.

Job Costing’s Role in Business Success

How job costing aids in identifying profitable jobs and understanding gross profit margins.

Job Costing Implementation Tips

Practical strategies for effectively implementing job costing in businesses of various sizes.

Challenges and Solutions When Setting Up Job Costing

Addressing common job costing challenges and providing solutions.

Tools and Techniques

Discussion on the synergy between busybusy tools for data collection and Info Plus Accounting’s expertise in data interpretation.


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