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Using AI to Reduce Manual Data Entry Costs and Errors

Using MakersHub AI to Reduce Accounting Costs

Diane and MakersHub founders Charley Howe and Phong Ngo demonstrate how you can reduce the time your company spends on accounts payable – by 90%! This live demo with Diane, Charley and Phong reveals how you and your company can wave goodbye to detailed manual entry for Bills, Approvals, and Payments.

Why this matters to you: This groundbreaking MakersHub AI software can help you reduce the time your company needs to spend on accounts payable, AND at the same time, improve the accuracy of your books. Not only that, but it also works with your QuickBooks (desktop or Online).

Watch this video to see how YOU can use the power of AI through MakersHub to “Stop the Madness” (of manual data entry for Bills, Approvals, and Payments) and reduce the time you spend on accounts payable by up to 90%.

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Goodbye to Detailed Entry (PDF format)

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Using AI to Reduce Manual Data Entry Costs and Errors – Transcript

In this episode of the “Better Numbers, Better Business” podcast, hosted by Diane Gilson, the featured guests are Charley Howe and Phong Ngo, co-founders of MakersHub. The main focus of the presentation was on reducing the tedium of detailed manual data entry in accounting and bookkeeping – highlighting the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in enhancing these processes.

Key points covered in this recording include:

Problems with Manual Data Entry:

Diane Gilson opened the discussion by emphasizing the tedious nature of detailed data entry in accounting and how it is prone to errors, which can lead to significant issues in financial reporting.

Introduction to MakersHub:

Charley and Phong introduced MakersHub, an AI-powered software designed to simplify and automate the data entry process. They shared their backgrounds, with Charley having extensive experience in financial services and payments infrastructure and Phong in engineering and manufacturing, which inspired the creation of MakersHub.

Capabilities of MakersHub:

  • Automation and AI:

MakersHub utilizes AI to automate the process of data entry, including the extraction and contextualization of information from vendor bills.

  • Integration with QuickBooks:

The software integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, both Desktop and Online versions, for efficient data synchronization.

  • Error Reduction:

By automating data entry, MakersHub reduces the chances of human error, thereby improving the accuracy of financial records.

  • Customization and Learning:

The system learns from user interactions, customizing itself to meet the specific needs of the business.

MakersHub Demonstration:

A live demonstration shows how MakersHub reads, contextualizes, and inputs data from bills into QuickBooks. This process includes classifying items, applying the right accounting classes, and handling various types of bills, including grouped invoices.

In the demo of this unique and powerful tool, you’ll see how MakersHub:

    • Can accurately (and almost magically!) enter all line item details from your incoming Bills!
    • Create your new Items, Vendors, and Customer:Jobs – automatically…
    • Match your internal approval requirements.
    • Minimize reconciliation research.
    • Automate your Vendor Payments.
  • Approval Workflows and Payments:

MakersHub also offers features for setting up approval workflows for bills and payments, ensuring that all financial transactions are duly authorized. The system supports different payment methods, including ACH transfers and checks, without additional transaction fees.

  • MakersHub User Experience and Support:

The platform is designed for ease of use, with a minimal learning curve and robust customer support. Users can get started quickly and customize the system to fit their business requirements.

  • MakersHub Demo Q&A Session:

The webinar included a Q&A session where specific questions about the integration capabilities, support, and functionality of MakersHub were addressed.

  • MakersHub Promotions and Contact Information:

The webinar concluded with promotional offers for MakersHub and contact information for further inquiries.

This intelligent AI-based software saves many hours of tedious, costly data entry and ensures that your critical cost information shows up in your internal management reports quickly and accurately.


  • For your “Year-One 25% discount” – or to get more information – click this link: MakersHub. (Note that offers or promotions mentioned in the video are available for a limited time only. Please contact MakersHub or Info Plus for more information.)
  • Contact Charley at: chowe@makershub.ai. Be sure to let him know that you watched our webinar (or the recording!)

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