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Broken Database Links In Your QuickBooks Data File – Part 1

Often, problems with your QuickBooks data file result from broken database links

Intuit Enterprise Solutions is a database comprised of many fields and records that are tied together with various pointers and links.  Over time, you may end up with broken database links and pointers.

When this happens you may find some unusual numerical results in your Quickbooks data file.

If you should encounter odd balances or results such as a balance sheet that won’t balance, or the net income shown on the balance sheet doesn’t agree with the net income shown on the profit and loss report

Try The Following

Re-sort your lists

Although it’s convenient to manually move accounts, items, customers, or jobs to different positions within your lists in your Quickbooks data file using the mouse if you’ve done a lot of that type of re-organization, some of the relationship pointers may have become broken or confused.

Re-sorting your lists may resolve the problem.

To perform a single re-sort of the Customer in your Quickbooks data file: Job, Vendor, Employee, and Other Name lists (vs. opening and re-sorting each individual list)

  1. Open a blank check
  2. Go to the “Pay to the Order of” field
  3. Rather than typing in a name, hold down the Ctrl key + L.
  4. A comprehensive Name List will appear.
  5. Re-sort the list by going to View/Re-sort List.

QuickTip From Diane

Before you run the re-sort, if the current order of a specific list is important to you, print a list report for that list.  (The list report can be dramatically shorter than printing the actual list in your Quickbooks data file.)  If the re-sort solves the underlying problem, but you want your list back in the previous order, you will be able to refer to your printout as you manually drag and drop your elements into the correct order.  If the natural re-sort order doesn’t meet your needs, devise a numbering or lettering system for the names within the list that will force the list, when re-sorted, to display in the order you desire.
Regards – Diane Gilson

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