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Underbilling Calculation for Employee Labor: Free Labor Calculator

How Much Are You Losing From Undercharging for Employee Time?
This Free Calculator Helps You Estimate! 

Underbilling for Employee Labor? Here’s what that’s costing you!

Free Labor Calculator

Here’s a free calculator to help you do the math. If you are underbilling for employee labor, use it to discover how much revenue you may lose over 1, 3, and 5 years.

Just enter four numbers in the yellow cells below to show your results.
(I’ve also added examples and other notes below the calculator.)

How to use this free calculator:

  • Enter Your Estimates in the Yellow Cells ONLY. Start with Annual production Hours per Worker. (Entering data in other cells will invalidate the results).
  • To start over, refresh the page. . .
  • If you’re not sure how much you may be undercharging per hour, or you’re not clear about your annual production hours, the examples shown below the calculator may be helpful…

Example: Underbilling Calculator Example #1:

Every company’s estimates will vary, but here’s a screenshot of what the calculator would show if we entered estimates of:

  • 1,900 hours per year of average “production” time. (2,040 available work hours + overtime, (-) all paid time off, and other ‘non-production’ time such as company meetings, timesheet prep, non-job breaks, and other ‘non-job’ time.)
  • Estimated average underbilling of $5 per production hour.
  • From 5 to 7 revenue-earning (‘production’) employees.

…Results Show a 5-Year Revenue Loss of $237,500 to $332,500!

Calculator-Lost Revenue-$5-5-7 Empl

Access a labor burden calculator by clicking here

Example: Underbilling Calculator Example #2:

Changing the variables has a different impact on lost revenue. For this example, we’ve entered estimates of:

  • 1,750 hours per year of “production” time – including overtime. (Many service workers have less time assignable to jobs, so we show fewer annual project hours.)
  • Estimated underbilling of $12 per production hour.
  • From 20 to 25 revenue-earning (‘production’) employees.

= 5-Year Revenue Loss of $2.1 to $2.6 Million!Calculator-Lost Revenue-$12-20-25 Empl


Of course, the numbers get proportionally larger for larger companies with more employees!

What the Labor Underbilling Calculator Reveals…

  1. You may start out with what looks like a fairly small hourly underbilling difference. But, when multiplied by a number of employees over several years, it can amount to a staggering loss of revenue!
  2. This revenue reduction flows directly to your bottom line (or more importantly, every cent you underbill does NOT flow to your bottom line!)
  3. You can imagine that these reductions can ultimately determine a company’s long-term success or failure.

Could YOU Be Underbilling?

If there is a possibility that you might be underbilling, please take a few moments to enter some estimates into the free calculator at the beginning of the article to see the potential impact on YOUR company’s revenue (and bottom line).

If you’re in doubt about “Annual production hours per employee” or “Potential $ per hour of undercharge” (the first two cells in the underbilling calculation), please be sure to consider the following…

Do you know:

  1. Your annual production hours per employee?
  2. What each employee really COSTS per production hour?
  3. How much per hour you SHOULD charge (or build into your project costs) to hit your gross profit goal for employee labor?
  4. Based on those results, how much per hour are you currently underbilling?

Now that you see the huge effect labor under billings can have on your revenue, click on any of the above links to look at a unique resource we’ve developed to help you determine exactly what those underlying numbers look like for YOUR company. You’ll find these videos and information to be both informative and eye-opening…

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